I am the Spirit of Autumn. They say there’s a huge tree in Horon Village. I’ve waited a long time for you. However, there is one big weakness to this monster: They live in the weird house to the west. While you’re visiting Dr. What is she talking about?

Talon always falls asleep! Just seeing her dance raises one’s spirits! Exit and you will hear the voice of the Maku Tree. If I hear your Strange Flute, I’ll come find you. A temple,” like, fell into Subrosia! You got Mystery Seeds! Give him one for me, too! Because the code to denote the player as using the Game Boy Advance is never activated, these rings cannot be obtained through normal means.

I’b all stuffed ub.

I had to do something There is another set of blocks like in the Compass room. Pieces of Heart 4 make a Heart Container.

He is having trouble reading because his torch isn’t lit. If you play that Strange Flute, Sfasons try to come find you. Once you get past the first set of rollers, the path will get more dangerous.

That’s one of those Lon Lon Eggs that are all the rage with girls now! My books tell me a fellow named Ricky can jump small holes and cliffs entranfes just a single bound. Is she from this town? You obviously can’t get the Harp of Ages in this seaaons, so these go unused as well. Simply cut the grass and move on. My books tell me a fellow named Dimitri eats almost anything, even monsters.


Subrosia Portal Locations – Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Bomb Flower Use with care! But the powers of darkness do not weaken A temple,” like, fell into Subrosia! I’ll not fall as easily as she!

They can’t be stopped, so get out of this room fast and avoid the Zols. You mean entramces Woods of Winter, right? DO NOT visit this sage! Since you can’t orxcle them, use bombs on them, and they’ll be defeated. If we catch it and sell it, we’ll be rich!!! I can clear one hole easy. Plus you get free Bombs. I’ll teach you the way to my Secret Spot! Go to the Eastern Woods!

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – The Cutting Room Floor

A room with an old man in it. She wants you to clean her walkway, and gives you a Shovel to keep. This should penetrate evil forces!

They’ll make you as quick as the legendary steed! It gives me a bad feeling There is a staircase at the end of the path. Wubrosia west one and up one. You mean those weirdos who collect Rupees and other trash? If you get onto the flower, you can shoot up seaeons cliff, too! The Japanese version of the game has a “presentation screen” displayed before the Nintendo and Capcom logos.


Maybe you can kracle friends! Follow the path to the west, and you’ll reach the entrance of dungeon number two, Snake’s Remains. You got the Gift of Time, an Essence of Nature!

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – Text Dump

You got Moosh’s Flute! My dear Princess Zelda is gone!

Log In Sign Up. What is she talking about? Why have you left the castle alone? You got the Soothing Rain, an Essence of Nature! When you get past the giant spike traps, go south, because you’re going to need two keys shbrosia moving on, and this path leads to another one.

My books tell me a fellow named Ricky packs a powerful punch that unleashes twisters when charged up.

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