It was first screened on 13 October , as the final episode of series 1. Rodney has also turned vegetarian, much to the mockery of the rest of the Trotter clan. Retrieved 19 January Singh moved away three weeks earlier. Grandad fears that Arthur is trying to communicate with him. Synopsis It’s Christmas Day and Grandad is cooking the dinner while Rodney is reading a book on body language which Mickey Pearce has lent him.

Rodney is concerned about this. But despite Del’s pleas, Rodney takes Sandra out. Del and Albert reassure her that they will help out. The Trotters quickly outstay their welcome at the mansion. A little later, as the trio sit down to Christmas dinner, Del is horrified to discover that the bird is under-cooked and still contains the melted bag of giblets stuffed inside It is revealed that after they became millionaires, the Trotters used some of their money to give their mother’s grave a makeover. The stress is clearly getting to Anna, and she begins to go into labour.

He is worried that the arrest is for an old incident during the Spanish Civil War 50 years earlier, but it turns out that he was arrested for jaywalking and is released without charge.

When Boycie challenges him to a winner-takes-all poker game, Del is eager to host it in his flat in Nelson Mandela House. His only relief is that the diploma arrives in the post. In the episode, Del Boy sees a chance to profit from a dispute between nervuos Indian businessmen.

It is only neryz the priest notices rain dripping from the roof of the church that Del Boy’s elaborate con trick is exposed.

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Search for ” Dates ” on Amazon. Del is even more horrified to learn that Slater is Raquel’s husband. Member feedback about Sleepless in Peckham: Del, Trigger, and Denzil arrange to smuggle Duty Free alcohol into the country using Denzil’s empty van.

He soon finds out his wife has been cheating on him with a Trotter, and goes looking for revenge. The next day, Del, Rodney, and Grandad arrive at Denzil’s flat and put the kettle on for a cup of tea even though Corrine distinctl Goofs When the police drives out of the Nags Head car park after arresting Del the bonnet of the car is damaged from earlier in the show, but when the car pulls up outside the police station there is no damage to the car.


However, Raquel is not aware that Del is a market trader, as he claimed to be the manager of his own export and import business. In the episode, Del, Rodney and Grandad go on holiday to Spain. Despite being aired as a Christmas special, it is set on an August bank holiday weekend, and sees Del and the gang go on a coach trip to Margate. At the same time, a year-old man enters the supermarket and shoplifts several items.

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Rodney is appointed the new chairman of the housing committee. It transpires that Del and Rodney’s mother met Robdal and “befriended” him a euphemism for Del’s mother having had a brief affair with him, as was revealed she had done many times with a number of men throughout the series’ development before Rodney was born and while she and her husband Reg were having marital troubles. Tessa Peake-Jones as Raquel Neervous. Fortunately, the ofols owner is delighted with the work but there is an issue: Rodney is feeling depressed after a dreadful night out with Del and two women, a mother and daughter.

Season 5 Episode 9.

Synopsis Because of the good news that Cassandra and Rodney are expecting a baby, the Trotters go out for a night at the Nag’s Head.

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Del, however, agrees to talk with Raam while Rodney drives Vimmal home. When Del and Rodney arrive in Miami, the family of Mafioso boss Vincenzo Ochetti are drawn to Del — who bears a striking resemblance to their Don, who episoce facing trial, and the possibility of life imprisonment, so they come up with a plan to kill Del so that they can escape a sentencing.

He persuades the two to go along with it, meaning that Rodney has to nrvous to be 14 for the week, with Del posing as his father and Cassandra posing as his common law stepmother. Synopsis As Albert watches an old horror movie and Rodney bemoans the lack of jobs in London, Del Boy has found another opportunity to be a millionaire by babysitting Boycie and Marlene’s dog, Duke.

Suddenly, a loud crash is heard, and the Trotter Brothers run into the cellar to find that Albert has fallen down through the cellar’s open door, injuring Mike in the process. In the episode, the Trotters finally become millionaires and Del decides to invest in the futures market.


Rodney and Nervous Nerys – Only Fools and Horses

Del’s second-hand car dealer friend from Lewisham, Boycie, has recently bought a Jaguar E-Type for his girlfriend, and Del agrees to hide it away in his garage for a week so that Boycie’s wife, Marlene, does not see it. Rodney also arranges a date, with Nag’s Head barmaid, “Nervous” Nerys. Still many more were completely baffling. The next morning at Nelson Mandela House, as Grandad tells Del that he used to be a security officer during the war, Rodney is woken up just to hear Del’s latest get-rich-quick scheme: Synopsis The episode opens with Rodney’s futuristic dream, in which a grown-up Damien, head of the now multinational and all-powerful Trotters Independent Traders, apparently rules the Western world in the yearbarking orders to President Keanu Reeves to declare war on China, claiming that “war is good”.

Member feedback about The Long Legs of the Law: Worried, Del Boy returns to the flat, thinking that a local thug will be after him, after believing that what Boycie and Mike told him the previous day about Eric being bought out of the Starlight Rooms. But unfortunately, Brendan O’ Shaughnessy and Teddy Cummings do not want the louvre doors, which lands Del in hot water with Denzil, who’s demanding his money back.

He tells Raquel he doesn’t want to see her any more but soon changes his mind. Rodney has joined a band, and Del immediately capitalises on this by booking them into The Shamrock Club oonly play for the St Patrick’s night festivities.

Within a couple of seconds, Del has persuaded the priest that this miracle needs publicising — something that could go a long way towards raising funds for St Mary’s renovations and lining Del’s pockets.

They also meet Arnie, a retired jeweller, who interests the Trotters in 18 carat gold chains.

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