Saving Ace Together by firefistphoenix reviews What if all the straw hats come together to save Ace? Now, he has to adapt to this new life, make new friends and enemies along the way, and live his life with no regrets. A very weird student indeed. Inuyasha vs The Avengers by nobody reviews Inuyasha and Kagome are sent to the future through unknown means and have an unfortunate encounter with the Avengers. Hubahuba reviews What if Souma actually came from a rich family and that Joichiro raised Soma to be a respectable young man with out him having the luxuries that comes from a rich life. Pirates still sailed the seas, Marines sought to capture them, and Monkey D. Read to find out.

What will the RED team do? Maybe Another Time by Glass Mirage reviews Reborn is a man of his words, and he knows very well that he loves Tsuna, the brunet also reciprocated the feeling. I should be writing more later on. Uncalled For by Nalangs reviews What if you’re signing up yourself to test the new weapon that Mann Co. Quirks shown here are free to use. So when an unexpected guest arrives, it throws everyone into disorder. With the bonding happening and the wonders of the Grand Line, will the WB pirates survive the D brothers? America the Beautiful by Elafi Milo reviews It had to happen.

Light R27 Katekyo Hitman Reborn! His head meets Reborn’s, said raven grunting while the brunette yelps. She can fix this but Contains Haru from my other stories so that I can mess with Tsuna even more directly.


Hunter x Of x Flames by sakurademonalchemist reviews The Association and the Underworld have always had a tentative truce between them.

Overwatch puece TF2 by Lucifer Junior reviews After Overwatch is recalled, Redmond and Blutarch realize they could get in serious trouble if they’re found out. If only everyone realized Slim to none, don’t you think? So, for once in their lives, the brothers put aside their rivalry and pool their resources to send their mercenaries after Overwatch, and anybody associated with them.

Mihawk was just lne man who was a Shichibukai and the World’s Greatest Swordsman.

Pittsburgh one piece scan 01s

The price is something no one expected. Nura Rikun and Nura Rikuo? T – English – Romance – Chapters: From across the room, his own weapon pointed at Tsuna, Reborn smirked, that infuriating look that drove Tsuna around the bend. Rainbow Flames in a World of Water! Luffy harus melindungi Boa Hancock dari musuh baru yang melarikan dari penjara level 6 Impel Down.

One Piece en Streaming !

What is going to happen? All conflicts come with romance. Vongola’s Christmas Special by TheLazerBeam reviews Tsunayoshi thought long and hard on what he was going to get everyone for Christmas. The Personifications of nations.

So, it was of no wonder that few saw how he was behind the doors. A chance encounter may be all it takes for her to find out just where it is she is going. But she could try.


one piece scan 01

What does Haruhi feel when she is no longer the complete center attention of the Host Club? Forced apart by various forces in the world, the Wolf Pack take on the world one enemy at a times, as their prophecy had once predicted. What will his crew think?

Diabolik Angel by IndigoBlueButterfly reviews A young girl recently disappeared during a trip to stay with some supposed relatives.

Class Call by OdessyLight reviews Izuku’s day started normally.

One Piece Streaming – Tous les ├ępisodes en Vostfr

You most certainly do not want a bright flash of light to blind you then wake up choking on sea water surrounded by strangers. When on a special day, she comes across a man who has forever changed her life.

M – English – Chapters: New York, New York.

That was until he woke up buried underground, in a coffin. What will they onne of a world so similar, yet so different from their own. Never Grow Up by chibi fighter reviews After being hit with a age-regression quirk it’s up to All-Might to look after Izuku until he grows back up.

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