Is it so hard for the show producers to line their ducks in a row a bit better? But as great as this episode was, I must say that I was also a little disappointed by some aspects of the storyline, such as… …the fact that the battle portrayed Ramsay as a much better commander than Jon. Daenerys and Yara however take to each other quickly, two powerful women recognizing kindred spirits. This was a great episode. It was the worse defeat the Romans ever suffered. Very strong winds could cause extensive tree damage. Though maybe its a gift from the lord of light?

The Davos thing was silly, how he found out about Shireen. Even some here who are often critical of the show were arguing in preview article comments that the arrival of the Knights of the Vale was set up and established as a logical plot point in earlier episodes. But whatever way you slice it, having Jon Snow wipe out the wildlings with his temper tantrum all for Sansa to save the day was not a premise that I enjoyed watching. All The Emmies for Picture Editing should go to this hour of a show. But the show folks tried to squeeze so much in this season, including more than a few scenes that I thought could easily have been left on the cutting room floor. Give us your suggestions about proper twists and reversals with regard to the story available. Umber deserves to have his throat ripped out. Who knows if Osha did obey and take the real Rikon to the Umbers??

In summary it was one of the best vifcav ever because of the great battle scenes in Mereen and Winterfell with some of the best filming we have ever seen on TV, because of some great dialogues Dany and Yara, Tyron and the Masters, Jon and Ramsay, etc and because Ramsay got finally what he deserves.

As Davos watches Melisandre. Season 8, Episode 15 February 20, Did anyone else think this?


After Tyrion unchains them, have one of the guards by the dragon tomb be a sons of the harpy spy. She should have trusted him, he should have listened to her etc. Her sending a letter to him and him showing up with Vale forces is paying back the dept he owes to her. So the information of Vale army must be concealed with the cost of the wilding army.

The film makers have done a wonderful job making all of this look so real, but maybe somebody weason dig up that pic of the prop horse. Though there are a few smalltime boutiques scattered around the city centre, the countrys hot and humid weather tends to draw crowds into the cool interior of expansive airconditioned shopping malls.

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Vidcsv Upon a Time recap: Winterfell sacked and burned? Or Mel could revive him? I still fear that this was them making Ramsay into a Villain Sue: Did the season 3 finale confirm the season 4 big bad.

Not on a technical level mind you, but on the emotional investment that such a long battle sequence would normally warrant, at least according to the standards previously held by this show. Browse the list of episode titles to find summary.

I should have known better but … there it is. I loved… …to finally see all 3 dragons in battle. Bill hader season 9 episode 3 brooklyn ninenine the tattler season 6 episode 3 gotham ruin season 5 episode 4 how to get away onec murder.

For the battle episodes I found Blackwater and Hardhome more to my liking. Bite off a piece of flesh for the win!

This drives me nuts. The episode is a technical marvel.

Once upon a time season 3 episode 18 online

At janice watch, we also provides a sell and buyback watches in a trustworthy and secure environment for buyers. The Winter of Bastardfell: I came away feeling hollow after this episode. Benjen has told Bran he cannot pass.


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Jon killed Qhorin Halfhand. But as a viewer, I want spectacle more than in reality.

Seeing my little man Tyrion always does good to my heart but seeing him interact with Dany is fanfreakingtastic!!! At this point its clear they are rushing to the end and in a way I can understand some of the problems in writing because of the tight schedule they get unlike GRRm they has to produce an entire series by the time GRRm gets a book out. But hopefully with Tyrion and co by her side to counsel her, Dany will be viddcav like Rhaegar. My satisfaction will probably be in small things: There was more emotional investment in the death of Shireen or vicdav Lemmy than the heir to the Starks… He could not have been more anonymous to the audience… All I felt was: Hmmm…count me underwhelmed by her thinking there.

How did she know that Ramsay did not feed his dogs for 7 days, when she was already gone once he mentioned it in the parley scene? Also some irony in Mel looking on as er, it may or may not jave been worth the resurrection idea, Rickon is after all the presumptive King in the North after all if they are re-asserting Robbs Kingdom….

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