Onayum Aatukuttiyum — a movie for the knowledgeable cinema goers. The following scene after where a Police who tried to attack the wolf hero by asking for water but when needed who could never lay his hand on it. The other tiny flaw is few loose dialogs at the start of the movie. And unwittingly the young man’s destiny is tied up with man whom he saved a killer on the run. That doesn’t ensure movie quality,mind it Mysskin. Way to go Mysskin! Just don’t miss this classic!

Location, Camera views, the way story moves are the unexpected keys to the film’s success. Mysskin is an enormous of a director. He proves that his perfection in his every shot. No heroine, no stupid comedy scenes, no item songs no songs at all! Great value addition for the movie. At the end of day you will have a feel of experiencing,what is supposed to be world class cinema. Every character in this movie is scripted well and delivered at their best.

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Snigdha Akolkar, Kalaiyarasan, Myshkin. There is no romance in the movie, but it has got lots of love.

Chandran takes the man with bullet injuries on his bike to hospitals which refuse to treat him. Go watch it for Mysskin and Maestro. One thing for sure, Illayaraja is the only person in India who can communicate intense emotions without words. Hats off to Myshkin. All the police running to the originating station to the last station believing a killer’s words and who cannot watch him or see him in the in between stations through other police to know about the killer’s location.

Full Cast and Crew. Zatukuttiyum entirely at night these movie depicts the people of the netherworld, even if you want to do good your dark past wouldn’t easily let you see the light.


CBCID conversation with head of police and doctor prof during initial investigation. Start your free trial. How out of place ataukuttiyum that? A plainclothe officer falls in the hands of phony agents ,which sets off repercussion ending in series of a massacre events. Just went to hear the BGM of Illayaraja I again wish that big onaum have guts to act in movies like this.

Above all,the soundtrack by Sir Ilayaraja was great except for the final sword fight.

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It would have been great if the casting was given a little more care The writing has been so brilliant and effective that comedy is not added but comes within the sequences. Rather than commenting on whole movie movvie needs to be appreciated for each scenes he narrated. Almost all performed well but i can’t neglect mentioning Mysskin.

Why the film is compared to me ‘Aaranya Kaandam is way beyond me. Watchh, Dipa Shah, Y. This film may have worked well for some people and i respect them.

Every frame is unique and brilliant. The aatukuttiymu film happens during one night in Chennai. I’m writing this review with shear anger and disappointment! Onayum Attukuttiyum breaks the modus operandi aatukkttiyum Indian Cinema that follows a regular diagram we are all aware and definitely bored of. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

I can’t say the reason for this.

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A simple story, very racy screen play, fewer dialogs, speaking visuals – a new way of making cinema. Special credits to Isaigyani Illyaraja for providing the perfect backdrop the plot with his 10 bgms which movif narrate the long story without the help of “Fillers” i mean the songs.


But Sir Illayaraja’s music review made me to watch this. After a long time had a very good satisfaction watching this movie.

Tamil New Wave Cinema. Imo, movies such as these must be the country’s official entry to the academy. Timing comedies in crucial scenes without humor dialog’s. Undoubtedly his best work with regards to his previous products. Especially movue movie first half was completely On-boarded by the great’s masterpiece. On the whole brilliance and hard-work has paid off. This is what Mysskin’s Onaayum Aattukuttiyum is all about.

But there will be characters that perform heroic deeds” Pnline said Mysskin is onyum with a simple story line pictured in brilliant way. It is about how far one will go to suppress the animal instinct in him and how far a “Refurbished” human would go to remain aatuukuttiyum Sure one of the best movie of recent times it keeps our fingers engrossed for a little over two and a quarter of hours.

During second half watch for a single-shot sequence that will say the rest. Ilayaraja sir with his BGMs just makes you travel alongside the main characters of the movie. Apart from these and other few, all the others were new faces.

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