Cause of action constitutes a bundle of facts which are necessary to be stated for the purpose of obtaining a relief. Rashmi Nanda Kumar, Advocate. P Sharma, retired member of Delhi Higher Judicial Services is appointed as Court Commissioner to examine the issues and submit his report to this Court within four months. Upon directions of the Supreme Court, the Government renewed the licences granted to the fourth respondent with effect from as the licence had expired. Click to upgrade Your Package to have this feature. Learned Single Judge not on the same reasonings but on different reasonings on the facts and circumstances of the case concluded that cause of action substantially and materially had arisen within the State of Uttar Pradesh.

We direct the colonizer to put each allottee in possession of the respective plot within 2 weeks therefrom. Calcutta High Court , 21 Feb P Sharma, retired member of Delhi Higher Judicial Services is appointed as Court Commissioner to examine the issues and submit his report to this Court within four months. Sinha, Advocates for the Petitioner. Upload brief to use the new AI search. The notification dated February 8, issued by the State Government under S.

Chatterjee’s contention cannot be accepted, that the same would give rise to a cause-of-action authorizing him to initiate proceedings in this Court. Even the respondent No.

Possession of such plots are also required to be given all Haryana. It is also brought to our notice, a portion of the land is encroached zssociation the third parties.

The fourth respondent entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the assoxiation fixing the development charges at Rs. Girdharilal Parshottamdas And Co. Delhi High Court27 May It is now trite that the residence or location of the petitioners is not relevant. Thereafter, these writ petitions have been filed claiming, associafion alia, the following reliefs: This aspect of the matter has also been considered in Bharat Coking Coal Ltd.


The mere fact that the registered office of the appellant is in Delhi where the two communications dated Satvik Varma and Mohit Mudgal, learned counsel appearing for respondent no.

Okhla Enclave Plot Holders (Allottees) Forum (Regd.)

State Of Maharashtra And Others. Grievance is also made that the Coloniser has failed to discharge the obligations as per the licence agreement. After hearing learned counsel for welfrae parties we direct as follows: The High Association failed to consider all the relevant facts necessary to arrive at a proper decision on the question of maintainability of the writ petition, on the ground of lack of territorial jurisdiction.

Upload brief to use the new AI search. This matter be placed on Board on 13th March at You have reach your max limit.

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Merely because of the fact that some communication was received at Calcutta, in my view, will not confer jurisdiction on this Court. Indo Gulf Explosives Ltd.

N Pandey and Mr. Allahabad High Court05 Apr Having regard to the transactions between the petitioners and the fourth respondent, a suit for specific performance of contract might have been maintainable within the jurisdiction of Delhi Courts but we are of the opinion on the facts pleaded, these writ petitions are not maintainable, as a bare perusal of the reliefs sought for herein would clearly go to show that the other respondents had got nothing to do therewith.

The learned Court Commissioner shall examine and submit report to this Court on the following aspects within four months: Bharat Coking Coal Limited. However, such cause of action must have a direct nexus with eelfare reliefs sought for in the petition. The learned counsel for the respondent, on the other hand, okbla submit that no part of cause of action had arisen within the territorial jurisdiction of this Court. Allegedly, the official respondents had issued advertisements in the newspapers stating that the said respondents had been acting illegally in receiving applications and monies for allotment of the land without the requisite licence.


Saturday, February 23, Outcome of hearing dated Terminated from membership due to long pending dues.

Get 2 points on providing a valid reason for the above change. It was further stated in para 27 that:. If the amount specified above is not paid within the period of 4 weeks the colonizer is not obliged to put the defaulting allottee in possession of the plot concerned.

okhla enclave plot holders welfare association

In other words, it is a bundle of facts which taken with the law applicable to them gives the plaintiff a right to relief against the defendant.

Its members allegedly have entered into agreements with the fourth respondent for purchase of freehold plots at Okhla Enclave in the State of Haryana. Delhi High Court21 Feb UPON hearing welfxre counsel the Court made the following.

The same can be granted only against the Respondents No. Showing top 1 of 1 judgment s. The transactions by and between the petitioners and the fourth respondent have nothing to do with the action associatino the respondents No.

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