When Chang-soo calls to request that Yoon-ha fire her, she decides to stay out of it. She turns and leaves. GM mutters if there is another person who had a not so great daughter in law like the mom. GM gets mad and yells then do what you want. Can I ask you the same question today? I sure am lol.

I am saying this as an old woman. Thanks a lot for the preview…. The mom says it means it will rain. She’s gonna go a long way TH sort of clears his throat and looks away. I was dying of hunger.

I guess the dance was made for him! Even just now, when I just called you without using your family name, I felt embarrassed. With the blind dating, can I take it slowly? I think I can guess the ingredients just from the smell. I wrote most of these comments before getting to the end of the episode, so now there are sorts of possible new scenarios spinning through my mind.

SY is at work. If you keep doing this I have no other choice but to tell J — do you want that? I don’t know, maybe it’s because he’s balding, has wrinkles, and has a rather sickly complexion. TH asks why the hit and run case wasnt solved with evidence like that. I cant do it father.

Everyone in the entertainment industry knows. J needs her the most right now rather than love interest. It’s rather strange how I didn’t really connect with anyone in this drama. My heart kept thumping whenever I saw you. I think the writers probably had a lot of fun with that one. Get on your knees and sincerely beg our SY for forgiveness! Tmom says in a low voice feeling hurt: Stranger still are the unequal responses among his family members to his return. So unlike your usual self?


Ojakkyo Brothers E46

Here’s this particular uncooked movie examine pertaining to occurrence 9 associated along with KBS N’s Sunday adore humor Sunlight J introduces herself as the girl with the tent who was eating ramen in front of the O farm. Not quite sure what I’ve been watching for 16 weeks.

What I had done in the school was actually nothing, and I was just a bad actor in the world of professionals. Darn, I am going to have to put this on my to-watch list. Not experiencing enough hardship is not good for the soul.

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However, i really wish it’s only 40 epis. It would be good if we did it before decap baby is born. What does he want.

TS goes to a job interview at a hospital and leaves. At the store the sales lady says these are the ones women in their 20s look for the most.

She gives in to going out for a delicious meal, and Chang-soo squirms at the plate of chicken feet. You may be right: TS goes to see MS at her work.


TS holds Y up and tells MS to grab a cab. How much I enjoy reading your recap just in that as much as I adore the cast, the story is really lacking in writing that I don’t feel a pull for it. SY calls out aunt to Y and then Y cries out unni to the mom.

September 26, at 4: I bfothers curious about something — when did you start liking me?

He gets a call about Hong and to set up a meeting. The breakfast table that was loud but warm.

I will admit for some reason am not a fan of Uee, because I saw the first episode of her in Birdy Buddy and I brothhers turned off. January 22, at 5: I am really sorry — forgive me. Media on the net tv KDrama recap.

I was particularly pleased that he flat-out asked J for help with TH.

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