If mother was alive, this is something she would never have allowed. I think it was when I was 6yrs old. She says she will go in for a short time and goes into his room. TH looks up and says: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here TS asks if she found N yet.

Mom says apologetically that she cant hold that grudge like the GM. I found some papers so I will go the farm now. I did feel quite heartbroken for KJ when he got up to leave though. And sister-in-law is pregnant, she had no other choice but to agree to a one year marriage. Ask any stranger on the street. KJ rarely has an expressive face, and he somehow makes that quality endearing. TP goes after him. J goes over to her and the mom keeps saying her stomach hurts suddenly.

She touches the sawdust and says she is going to change it out for them since she is back. She tells herself not to think anything strange — he is just late cuz of work.

TP says he swears Y is not a woman to him. He quotes everything she said to him that night when they were both drunk right before he kissed her about what kind of reporter he should be.

Ojakkyo Brothers E31

TH starts the engine and eo off quickly before she can get her seatbelt on and gives her whiplash. I think the father taking out his anger on J is too much. I was thinking of something. TB shield SY from the car. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. She ignores him and scolds N: Choi says he is jealous of TB that a daebak scoop came in on its own.


TH laughs the loudest. She sits up suddenly and so does he. She could come back again.

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They go over and stare at J. TS comes in and yells —dad why are you doing this to me? Mom says to her: TH cries and says: Actually that first screencap of TH might give it away.

You think I will be deceived. I said to talk.

November 24, at 7: KJ says he was hoping officer Hwang would come but the dad came. KJ goes inside the home.

Ojakkyo Brothers E33

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. TB bows his head down and says: J is left alone in the living room.

TS says how he thinks he saw him but he synopsks gone. D ; Tae Bum agrees to the divorce. Dad asks what brings her. Mom looks at TP and asks: I literally had to pause the video and flail in frustration for a moment.

January 1, at 7: What a great way to start the episode. She says seeing him like that reminds her of when she had surgery for appendicitis after they got married and she came to his home to live. He gets a call from the team leader and talks about the park construction and to start construction as soon as possible and to talk later.


It would be better for you to marry yourself off, or find some easier way to live, I hope we never meet again. They are both essentially orphans that have felt the pain of borthers, and they have both lived somewhat phony lives in the sense that they always hid when they were having a hard brothets.

My parents have worked on that farm for ten years, breaking their backs, and you have no contract, no legal ssynopsis. It feels like we are on an MT overnight trip for training when you go with a bunch of people and sit around the campfire and sing, talk, play games and stuff SY asks him to talk about his first love. Choi says G must have worked out.

He helps her up and offers to wash for her.

Y high fives him. TP opens a kjakkyo of juice for Y. Please help me Kim PDnim. So you have to pay back that contract deposit within 6 months for this farm to be yours?

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