Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Even the grandma just keeps getting better and better. Who is the criminal? MS pours some soup over the guy to get him off of TS. I love you and sorry Taehee is now an adult! I can do it.

J asks TH to sing for her. Since he likes bitter black coffee she mixes it with hers and she drinks it well. You won’t regret it! J gives the rest of the money left from the contract signing bonus and tells the step mom to use it to start her life. I love them all. I watched a lot of family dramas the ones that I’m talking about it’s more than 50 epis. She pulls on J to go inside. Is it just me or wasn’t it made clear that Baek In Ho is still alive.

Btw, Joo Won looks nowhere close to The DJ says they surprised everyone caddnce their marriage and guest are already calling in. You get plenty of rest. Sooooo funny, such a petulant whiny, loud woman. You should go home.

Ojakgyo Brothers episode 42 [1/2]

So it describes when lovers want to either test how someone feels, or keep things interesting. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

I like this drama although I gotta say the beginning episodes annoyed me really much to where I stopped watching and then picked up again after the 15th episode. Starts from when J first gets to the home. KJ is episide his office and calls J. But give your review, I’ll start watching it again. I rpisode like it.

Ojakkyo Brothers E41 « Cadence

G goes out first and asks what the two of them were thinking. I love how brave she is, and I love how honest he is. TH and J pull up to the house. Whose fault is it that brothera TH grew up so miserable without his father and mother.


Special thanks to Iviih for posting video clips all this time right after the episodes aired. GM tries to calm him but he keeps yelling: Do you not know how I feel in my heart?

But Ja-eun digs her heels in and starts to follow Mom around to learn how to take care of the farm. Sometimes it feels like he is making up for a lifetime of not staring at someone like this. SY and TB and H are having a meeting about items ideas for their show. Because I have to forgive ajumma and return to the farm to see you. Go for it, don’t let the 58 episode-drama frightens you. Naturally Grandma and Mom and Dad took him in, and raised him as one of their own boys. Ugh… so random, sorry for that.

In this case, I happen to know there are recaps for most episodes of Ojakkyo Brothers here: I would like that. brothera

Of course it will be good. Ojakgto is standing alone and says: The girl asks — no way — that ajumma isnt her right? But she’s doing a good job.

Ojakkyo Brothers E43

Softy epissode late with translations cuz torrents were slow and when she finally downloaded the episode, she was bawling too much to type.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Like that whole episode where JaEun finally finds out Ahjumma took her contract. You know that too right?


I chose to put J up as the main photo tonight for one main reason: J agrees and sits on it. Since she had a lot of difficult things happen this year, he wants her to shake it all off and put brotherz behind her to greet the new year well.

I look more forward to non-romantic story lines and interactions between young and old or the hwang and cha in-laws. Director Goo says he heard something shocking today — that SY and TB are married and she is 5 months pregnant.

Email Address never made public. She has to say that for everyone to pick up their spoons. I thought it was cute that J finally wore the red scarf after being scolded by the mom.

Email Address never made public. The same goes for Ja-eun, who spends a good deal of time being a spoiled brat to the point I almost give up on her, but then when push comes to shove, she grows up.

She says sorry again — I wont ever push work I should do on the ajumma again. YL says she likes coffee but Joowon likes coffee more. J stays up all night, troubled because mom says managing the farm is beyond her and finally decides to sell the farm. TH cries and says: We are asking for a lot of your interest.

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