But again, those chapters are few and far between. To view it, click here. I have officially made a new shelf, simply because of this book: I was in my town’s library looking for something to read and I come across this book. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Return to Book Page. You start to understand who is the sympathetic person or who is the person that would often scowl or laugh. The world created is fascinating.

The author does not explain every little detail to the reader right away. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. But again, those chapters are few and far between. He had time to think that Stormbreaker might approve of Galvin and Aron dying together in such a battle. There are many things that Aron must overcome, not least of which is himself. He stood for a few moments, breathing in and out so hard his chest ached in the center. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Return to Book Page.

He had time to think that Stormbreaker might approve of Galvin and Aron dying together in such a battle. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

See all 14 reviews. After spending most of the book traveling they get to Stone.

Oathbreaker: Prince Among Killers

But as a result, I felt as though those dominating facts sort of did stall the plot. He also trains everyday to prepare for a trial that will give Aron membership in Stone. I’m still confused about some stuff but I feel like I just need to read the next one to get the full story. This land is filled with all of the supernatural specters that are prevalent in Irish folk ideas, such as the siddhe, Fae, M I first heard of Assassin’s Apprentice Oathbreaker 1 when the blog Pixel of Ink alerted me that it was free for Amazon Kindle.

It is unclear though which is the main plot which leads me to conclude that there are two, Aron’s goal to avenge his family and Dari’s, to find vaguht sister. It wasn’t the seried book I’ve read but it wasn’t horrible. While Eyrie’s past has a few events its sorely missin This book had all makings of a good story but it falls short in a few major ways. His family was forced to disown him which honestly made me e. a little sorry for him. At least when something killed him, the cheville would keep his soul safely bound to his body until it could be dispatched.


One would think that a power you’re born with would come naturally to you, but whatever. Luckily, it already exists.

Dyn Brailing is one of different areas controlled by rulers. Perhaps some of that could be attributed to the fact that the second book seems to be more of a “next half” of the first. Other books in the series. So this separation of storylines is definitely to do with the fact that two people wrote this book, but it’s not really an excuse to do it anyway, and I lost a little interest because of it. So begins this highly original and engaging epic fantasy, a story of love, family trust, sworn promises and hard-earned friendships, in which two boys must put aside their childhood understanding of the world and accept their own incredible power to do right.

Fat cheeks and lips ruptured as the thing hissed and bawled and tried to spit at him. They all had their own pasts and problems and agendas, and it was interesting to see how the circumstances managed to shape their, ah, friendship when otherwise they wouldn’t have been anything close to friends.

As soon as I started reading, it felt like I was reading the second book in a series. Nov 05, Nicole C. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. seres

Oathbreaker: Prince Among Killers by JB Redmond and SR Vaught

I’ve been taking recommendations of books to read in sci fi and t., and someone I particularly respect suggested Assassin’s Apprentice. But again, those chapters are few and far between. Obviously, I liked it a lot I’d x. it 4. Read reviews vaufht mention assassins apprentice ever read brailing fantasy guild sequel stone. She has also written TriggerBig Fat Manifesto and Exposedall contemporary novels drawing from her experiences and her work as a neuropsychologist for adolescents.

In Eyrie — a world of two moons, shapeshifters, and powerful magic — Aron of Brailing knows he owes loyalty to his guild, obedience to the code of the land, and his life to his closest companions, but it is his own family he holds closest to his heart. He had slaughtered hogs, dispatched manes, plotted the deaths of Lord Brailing and his Guard, even watched Stormbreaker give a boy Mercy, but—.


Oathbreaker Series

You have to read the next book, but that ain’t gonna happen coz fack dislack of excitement, thought Stormbreaker was seires old dude until he awkwardly “flirted” with Dari which is like in the middle of the god dammed book, Aron practically single handedly fought off a shit ton of Spirits and he still acts like a kid that doesn’t know jack shit about defending himself, Aron knows the dangers of pushing the Veil yet he still does it because he’s a special kind of STOOPEED. Though I would have liked to see more action.

Oahtbreaker his mourning of his sister dying, an attempt is made on his own life, and he is picked up by Stormbreaker’s sister while she and her traveling companions were out for Harvest. Aron of Brailing has been raised to think he is without graal- a magical talent- when in fact he is so endowed the leader of Brailing has noticed Aron and marked him for death.

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We learn much about Eyrie as Aron does. The murder of his family becomes a huge driving force for his character, and when he and his assassin master pledge seriess in loyalty to Dari to keep her secret and aid in her mission, helping find Dari’s missing sister additionally becomes a big driving motivation for him.

Oathbreaker on your Kindle in under a minute. Still, I was a little disappointed. While Eyrie’s past has a few events its sorely missing myths and legends that might have helped the world come alive. Book 1 of oatbreaker. Once more, he brought vaughr short sword down in a jabbing swipe. Susan Vaught Goodreads Author. And when the first non-related woman shows up, my first thought was “love interest? The rock cats were all dead. Rocks crunched behind him.

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