Rikuo then informs his subordinates that the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons he leads will follow a code of honor and not hurt humans. On his way home Rikuo meets up with Ryota Neko, the head of the cat clan, who is being chased by minions of the rat clan. Rikuo and his Night Parade go to the summit of the Forest of Torii. Itaku and Kubinashi continue to fight until Zen intervenes and restores order. Rise of the Yokai Clan 3: It is then that Rikuo’s grandfather, Nurarihyon, met him for the first time and after defeating Gyuki in battle requested that he join them as a member of their family. After being separated from the group, Tsurara is attacked.

Itaku and Kubinashi continue to fight until Zen intervenes and restores order. After being separated from the group, Tsurara is attacked. Afterwards, Nurarihyon becomes the “Lord of Pandemonium” and his clan is acknowledged as the most powerful clan of all. Above the castle, Mamiru and Ryuji distract Hagoromo Gitsune to allow Yura and Hidemoto to seal Nue in his chrysalis, but Tsuchigumo interferes due to his desire to fight Nue. To Nue’s surprise his body starts to fall apart. An Ayakashi to Avoid. Reset Password Enter the e-mail address associated with your account and we’ll email you a link to reset your password. Start cataloging anime you’ve watched or manga you’ve read.

He leaves Tsurara with Kana and heads off to find Gyuki.

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Tamazuki informs Rikuo of his plan to take over and destroy the Nura Clan. The Rat of Darkness Devours the Cat. Agency for Cultural Affairs. Fragments of the Past. This leads to a final showdown between Rikuo and his allies and Tamazaki, who now has acquired ultimate strength.

In the village, he meets new friends who help him discover his true self as well as better understand what being Nurarihyon means. Tamazaki asks Rikuo to join him, but he refuses.


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Distracted by the surroundings, Nurarihyon is surrounded by enemies. Archived from the original on October 1, Upon destroying most of Ukiyoe Town’s local deities and msgo the strength of the Nura Clan with Inugami’s attack, Tamazuki decides to finally bring on the main assault on Rikuo’s clan.

The Sublime Spirit Burns Crimson. RapidShare file – Your Future Downloads Popular rapidhsrare megaupload fileserve mediafire file and download. There were two seasons, each having 26 episodes, with a recap episode in the middle and another at the end. Year Rikuo once again uses the Matoi technique, this time with Itaku, and they are able to defeat Tsuchigumo.

In one shrine Yura who arrived earlier than the Patrol went hiding in tree until they split up. Nurarihyon is left no choice but to send his grandson to Tono Village to train him and greatly improve his skills as Rikuo’s current abilities are lacking.

Mezuki with gyuki clansmen attempt to attack Natsumi and Saori but got interrupted by Yura. Retrieved from ” https: Tsuchigumo leaves so he can gather his strength to challenge Nue. This episode is a recap of episodes Views Read Edit View history.

Inugami proves no match for ‘night’ Rikuo but before he an be dispatched, Tanuki shows up and whisks him away. Suddenly, a seal falls from the sky. On his way home Rikuo meets up with Ryota Neko, the head of the cat clan, who is being chased by minions of the rat clan. The Fate of the Demon Capital. It is revealed that they are Ryuji and Mamiru Keikain, Yura’s older brother and childhood friend who have come to find Yura. The Legends of Tono. Inugamigyobu Tamazuki and his 88 Demons of Shikoku come to Rikuo and loudly declare that they will take over the Nura Clan, directly challenging Rikuo.


As the battle progresses, Rikuo makes his way up towards Tamazaki.

Yura and Mamiru appear and Yura uses her Hagun technique, guided by Hidemoto, to purge the possessed Akifusa. After his father died, his mother left him at a monastery. Nurarihyon orders Gyuki and his fellows to delay Nue.

Though blinded, Tsurara and Rikuo work together to defeat Tamazaki’s subordinates and Tsurara breaks the spell by freezing Yosuzume.

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Kurotabo then volunteers to use Matoi with Rikuo. Lists of anime episodes. The Supreme Commander is still missing and while listening to Karasu Tengu’s hysterics, Rikuo is pulled back into a memory of being given a threat. Just as she’s about to be killed Rikuo saves her. maiyou

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After the Patrol regroup she reminds Rikuo that “Thos who hunt two rabbits at one, don’t even catch one”. Akagappa refuses to help them. As Kana is walking up the stairs looking for Rikuo she’s sees a mao light and gets scared but it turns out to be Rikuo carrying Tsurara.

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