Suspension for failure to comply with a request Yumi comes to Ring-Ring with a letter, and Ring-Ring finds out that Pucca did invite her, despite Pucca not being invited to Ring-Ring’s party, and even asked what day she was going to have her party on so Pucca could make sure she wouldn’t have her party on the same day. A famous celebrity tries to make Pucca his girlfriend and Garu decides to help him. Television portal v t e This redirect is within the scope of WikiProject Television , a collaborative effort to develop and improve Wikipedia articles about television programs. However, Garu doesn’t read the fortune, instead eating the cookie, and Tobe reads the fortune to him, only to blow up himself. They leave, and Garu tries to escape.

When Kua, an adventurer and daredevil, eats at the Goh-Rong, and compliments the chefs, the three fall in love, and agree to do daredevil activities with her. Grant of approval for collection centre Renewal of remote area exemption Approval of health services Establishing whether an executive officer took reasonable steps to prevent commission of offence or contravention of civil penalty Won happily returns to the top of Ching’s head, while the duck and cuckoo bird are enjoying their new lives in the clock. Finally, she sends the flower on its way out by breaking the stem of a nearby flower inferring it is not welcome in her town.

Federal Register of Legislation – Australian Government

Subdivision A—Constitution of Committees. Pucca and Ching go off to find it, and fight Mushi and his zombies. Security interest must not be created in medicare benefit Medicare benefits not payable in respect of services rendered by certain overseas trained doctors etc. Subdivision C—Determinations by the Determining Authority.


When Pucca tries to kiss Garu, he quickly escapes to the kitchen, where he discovers the 3 chef’s shrinking juice and drinks it. While there, Ching and Pucca wear geisha outfits, while Abyo and Garu go to see sumo wrestling.

Grant of approval for collection centre Garu and Abyo build a mediocre tree house, to which they refuse to let girls in. Functions of the National Rural Health Commissioner Abyo encourages his behaviour as it will help him with his anger, but then must flee as Sosso turns his new aggressive approach on the fighter. Garu and Abyo head to Spain to run in the Running of the Bulls, but Tobe wants to ruin the Running of the Bulls by building a mechanic bull to destroy Garu. For Mushi’s fear of getting older, he sends his zombies to kidnap Baby New Year.

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List of Pucca episodes

Garu wins the surfing contest and the beach returns to the public, while Muji is swallowed by the shark he used as a surfboard. A futuristic place known as Space Station Sooga has run out of noodles, and the batch of nthing noodles has been stolen by Muji, to the panic of the residents. She leads them to bungee jump out of a hot air balloon, snowboard down Mount Everest, and swim with sharks while in a cage, to which they all try but fail to do.

When Garu is given a tie from Tobe imbued with a curse for his birthday, making him dangerously clumsy, he is forced to leave Sooga Village. This is, of course, my personal opinion, but it would clear out the numbering problem of later episodes.


Health Insurance Act

Any uncommenced amendments affecting the law are accessible on the Legislation Register www. Then in irate fury, Pucca beats up the seeason and makes it spit out not only Garu, but also Abyo and Ching. Publication of particulars of reports and determinations.

The Fire Brigade digs in but the dragon peppers turn them into “Fire Goblins” who immediately set everything ablaze.

Chief Executive Medicare must notify person of request Ching’s pet chicken, Won, falls in love with a cuckoo bird and flies away with it, leaving Ching being weak. Registration of participants in approved program Chief Executive Medicare or Departmental employee may deal with documents etc. However, the sign for the restroom was switched to a door leading outside, causing Yani to be kidnapped by Tobe. General medical services table Reconsideration by Minister of accreditation decisions.

She tries to do a good action, but she can’t, so she tries to beat up Pucca. Pucca reveals her costume, ro Tobe spies Garu in his flower costume and proceeds to make fun of it, to which Pucca is not amused. Rpisode steals a manual that Pucca created to make love ninja moves. PNW Raven talk Tobe tries to humiliate Garu by stopping his attempts at breaking the record, but it won’t happen on Pucca’s watch. Santa confuses one of Doga’s sock for one of Ching’s sock, and puts Ching’s sock in with Decpare laundry, sewson Doga’s sock with Ching’s laundry.

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