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Headmaster warns Labour over independent schools From Our Education. West Berlin or by a West -: We consider Chat this- seven-monthdd bid to acquire ‘. Ituly Tall o-jid check with the rii; uifkej, Malta i. Hundreds of guests, including senior motor industry’. Walts i-usi best G. As well as bad distribution of water, Namibia , suffers from acute discrepancies is ways of fife and patterns of land ownership which affect agricultural productivity.

Bamber Biba daughter of Mr and Miss D. Valentine, St Zachary, Constantine.

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Energy used in Britain during the first sir months of this year at Z78 rmilion tonnes of coal equivalent was marginally less than in the. Srarhprwoh FUohi nntcers D.

Southport from September 11, has plans for all contingencies. London, ended last night in- a triple tie for the first three prizes between Paul LlttlewuodL of Skelmersdale.

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We would have fought closure bur. This American, British, Canadian, French and West German plan includes a ceasefire, the restriction of South African shlrt Swapo forces to base, the rundown of South African troops to 1, men and tbe bolding of an election under United Nations supervision. I Argentina 1 beat C.


Wind N or NW. That the year to Hast June- Coal consumption was down 5.

An early election would give an advantage to the parties njjuk the status quo, but it would be a superficial advantage, and they would impose an impracticable.

Stojcv t Bulgaria i.

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njuj Qwe cafo m peopfes poqfeets. If the deal goes through it would mark the first phase of ;iye major expansion by – tbe German chemical group in the Uhited’Kingdom. It made just m last. Podias 1 Poland 1 In spite of public reticence, however, Jordanians make no secret of their sympathy for President Sadat.

Mr Mudge is a physically big man. It was a morning with a little sunshine. M Dutourd is an. Gaorw VI in Jf4-M5. Mark Cox v V Bernard Mltton.

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