What if you stare! By analyzing the account books alone, can we measure the success of Metro? Malayalam cinema and ‘quotations’ Heroes set screens on fire and film industries grow around them. Teachers and students What is the world of a student who commits suicide if reprimanded by the teacher teach us? The aim of reservation was to ensure equality in society based on the concept of equal justice for all. The mad chase for engineering and medical seats continue. Is Media spoiling peace in the State. IS, Kerala and psychology of extremism

Change in government or not, KSRTC is always continuing its bumpy ride with an empty purse always causing concerns to the ruling front. Some people put black stickers on our windows and we are scared. High fares, low service; train passengers aggrieved, angry We Malayalees share the habit of ticketed travel, everybody knows that. What is it that the coastal peo. What is the code of conduct for the Media? In this backdrop, we discuss how far.

Poets predict our future It is a common saying that ‘a poet is a predictor of time’. According to motor vehicle act every person driving or riding otherwise than in a side car, on a motor cycle of any class or description shall, while in a public place, wear protective headgear conforming to the standards of Bureau of Indian Standa.

Armed Forces Act and politics Democracy does not exist without the right to protest, criticize and strike. But the question is how will the state gov. Traffic accidents are a major cause of death and injuries world-wide. There is nothing new in what the High Court has now said.

episide What is the code of conduct for the Media? The film has been directed by Kamal, the chief of Kerala Chalachitra Academy. The patriarchal and misogynist culture which revolves around the superstars has also led to the growth of a cinema mafia. Are they being able to discern the politics media bring to their notice by their critique of day today political events?


But, are we getting the services proportionate to the train parayanubdu Indian Railways exact from us?

njangalkkum parayanundu episode naruto

Malayalees and occultism Astral projection, esotericism, occult and black magic which normal people do not understand are around Malayalees. Is it a crime to buy an item being sold by the government and taking a photo of it and putting it on Facebook and thereby making a group with more than 18 lakh members for it?

But, in contemporary world, common man thinks that it epiwode crazy enough if a public servant is straightforward and corruption free. How safe are tourists at the most important destination in God’s Own Country?

We assure you that we review all your feedback. What is it that the coastal peo. When religious symbols are encroached Religious symbols are used to gain nkangalkkum place in the minds of believers and non believers.

njangalkkum parayanundu episode 140 naruto

How does the common man react to this outdated practice? In East Fort alone as many as 15 people d. The Keralite who takes pride in being number one in the health sector knows that if met with a road accident, chances of survival are very little. The question is, was the driver being discriminated against for the simple fact that he was a man?

Are the police which beat up a youth for having long hair and the state which robs the citiz. The controversies that erupted in the recent times have given way for more questions than answers. Should we just debate and forget the relevance of this subject when a precious life is lost? Rebellious parents beget autism-afflicted kids. Road accidents are the cause of largest number of deaths in Kerala. We discuss how practical is the new ruling by the Supreme Court, Njag.


ഹര്‍ത്താലും കേരളവും | Njangalkum Parayanund, Episode: Part 1

Presently what is the state of Kerala which has gai. It is a common saying that ‘a poet is a predictor of time’. Mothers who have to breastfeed their children at pubic places say that it is not easy at all, nor a silly issue. Should we return to paper ballots? This is also about the civil society which shames them publicly with the CCTV clips. Is is a virtue, where it means celibacy when unmarried, and fidelity when married? After reports and phone conversation of Kerala businessman Nisham using mobile phone three policeman were suspended.

Who makes life hell for upright officers? Where do our children disappear? How much of the relief measures announced by the government after Ockhi cyclone will.

Love marriages and religion Most of the love marriages that we see in our state are mixed marriages.

Are the government and the concerned departments fail in ensuring the safety of the coastal people? High fares, low service; train passengers aggrieved, angry We Malayalees share the habit of ticketed travel, everybody knows that.

As the world is observing World Press Freedom D. How public servants become rich? Furious fans and limping Blasters As the chances of Kerala Blasters lifting the trophy in the fourth season of the Indian Super League also fade, the football crazy fans in the state are angry with the team. When India has to hang its head in shame. What is the message given by chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan to media persons and political leaders when he says he felt that those who waved black flags at hims were hired by certain media channels.

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