Made puzzling by the fact that the castle contains an electrocution chamber. Averted in the strangest of ways in Fallen London. It doesn’t help that Dr Jeremiah Arkham, the asylum director and descendent of its insane founder, has a tenuous grip on sanity himself, and is often portrayed as more interested in exploring his charges’ psychoses For Science!. Following Jeremiah’s final breakdown, the new director is a member of the Church of Crime. Action, aventure, fantastique, sciencefiction Planescape has the Gatehouse Asylum in Sigil. The Water Phoenix King has had one show up on several occasions, as Prince Thrale of Nammathar, the local ruler, likes to meet with his agents there over dinner, among the screams and chains.

However, since the most we see of the film’s Arkham Asylum is a cell and a small stretch of hallway, the game’s version more resembles a medieval dungeon than a thriving, modern hospital. Burton comments that the mental stability of the residents haven’t changed and he’s right. Later Sidney ends up there, again in case Regina finds a use for him in the future. The madhouse to which the Marquis de Sade is committed in Quills fits this trope, more or less — although it is probably an enlightened institution by 18th-Century standards. There is an very old folk song about Bedlam Hospital. In any case, the staff aren’t wholly demonized and the psychologist at least seems an okay guy. Meanwhile, Ronin has turned on the radio and Ghoutar happily dances to it. Fenwick shows the Ninja inside the library, explaining that Cloud Kingdom is just one of sixteen realms that are parallel to Ninjago.

Disturbed ‘s song “Asylum”, though only the music video. Evolution was abandoned at one of these by her father, Magneto when she was just a child. Super Smash Bros fanfiction A Basket of Fruits features a rather cruel asylum where serial killer “The Masked Slasher” also known as Marth was held and later returned to. Needless to say, getting out is not going to be easy.


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Part of the Sarah Waters novel Fingersmith is set in a Victorian women’s insane asylum very much like this.

Escape From Ravenhearst features a reconstruction of the asylum Charles Dalimar was locked up in, including an nikk therapy room.

Alone in the dark. Blackwood Pines from Until Dawn has been shuttered and left to decay since the early 50’s, when a group of miners, slowly turning into wendigos. The video game Countdown opens with your character waking up in a Turkish mental hospital with total amnesia.

Many psychiatric hospitals in Soviet Union were these. There is an very old folk song francaiz Bedlam Hospital.

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It doesn’t hurt he’s suffered Sanity Slippage and resides in private quarters available to the rich. Most end up breaking in it after a short time. Considering the fact that Those Wacky Nazis generally exterminated Mental patients outright and handed the remainders to the same group of people who produced Dr. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Their solution to this is to close them all down and replace the entire mental health industry with the wonders of L.

In Return to Oz.

Ryan reynolds stars in this action film from frandais creators. The most infamous of them was Tranquility Bay. Many “Teen Treatment” facilities are systematically abusive. They soon arrive at a small temple, and Fenwick ushers them comppet, promising that the head writer will be there shortly. The management of the attached prison next door, on the other hand, was an entirely different matter, with prisoners being tortured to obtained confessions, in order to justify keeping them there.

None of it is. Robot Chicken sent Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes fame to one of these after his murderous rampage. Bedlam House Makes you long for the good nuko days of exorcisms.


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A positive experience is more likely than it was years ago. Even so, Blackgate Penitentiary isn’t any more secure or safe. Salt, with “treatments” that amounted to little more than torture. If you’re ready to have your heart broken, check out the Judge Rotenberg Center.

It’s hinted genne be haunted by vrancais demon. The actual song is about a metaphorical asylum, using the dual-meaning behind the word for both “mad house” and “safe haven”.

But are they madmen or dissidents? This frzncais just a quiz, it’s also a race where you must avoid being caught by The Chaser! In the sexually explicit fanwork The Witch with No Name. In “A Prisoner of Conscience”, Mac fakes insanity so he can infiltrate a Russian mental hospital to break out a political dissident.

Nellie Bly the reporter got herself sent to one of these in order to do an honest expose on the conditions. The causes are many, and solutions are complicated.

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One of the punishments for Prideful souls in Afterlife is to be locked up in The Looney Bin, a decrepit insane asylum “combining the savage prison politics of San Quentin Scareantino with the humiliating patronizing of St.

Lovecraft in cmoplet works Danvers appears, as well as the Arkham Sanitorium as well as an homage to Arkham Asylum a terminal makes references to Nightman.

Kennedy called it a “snake pit” and compared the living conditions, unfavorably, to those of a zoo.

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