Boris Ignatievich announces that the Day Watch suspects one of the Night Watch operatives of this and previous murders. The Twilight itself is divided into several levels. Sometimes slow, very often broken up into what could be a series of novellas, this first book is nevertheless pretty brilliant. He returns to Egor’s roof to find the vampiress and Egor, as well as other Light and Dark operatives, including Anton’s neighbour, Kostya Saushkin, who is a vampire. That means Gessar and Zabulon are once again using Anton as a pawn, but at least he knows it and accepts it as a part of the job. Lists with This Book. You have a dog. I also enjoyed sharing his realization that there is much more to his Watch colleagues than meets the eye as we get to know the supporting characters better.

Where do light magicians get theirs? Le questioni lasciate in sospeso e i punti interrogativi sono tanti Nor could you suggest Olga or Tiger Cub are weak characters. Speaking of the characters, excluding Anton, the majority of them are ridiculously underdeveloped. The author does not go into detail regarding the magic system in this world, he just introduces to use some magical environments like twilight. The division of Light and Dark had always existed between the Others.

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Also, as with all the Watch books, the ambiguity of good and evil comes into heavy play here. Not as much to my liking as the earlier books in the series–this lacked the deep intrigue and scheming between the Light and Dark or perhaps as much between Gesar and Zabulon as individuals that made the earlier novels such fun. Some of the strong points of the book are 1. I loved how he questioned everything eventually, his struggles and decisions. Inevitably he produces some good ideas and achieves some surprises.

I think that without having read the book first, some of it might be confusing. Suspicious that Zabulon is taking revenge on him by setting him up still more, he leaves the tower and goes to Egor’s house. The stakes are higher than ever, especially with alliances formed from the most unlikely combinations. Anton then takes a ride in the metro where he is chased by a dark other.


I did miss some of the characters from the previous books but the new characters that appear on the Edinburgh streets more than made up for these.

However each sub-story had its own focus an I thought there are a lot of interesting and unusual aspects to this book.

In this, the first book of the night watch trilogy we follow Anton. This is of course a natural progression but again makes Anton slightly less interesting than he was. The Nighr have a twilight form that they can take on in or out of the Twilight.

There’s only an obmylok [used-up remnant of a bar of soap] with inflated ego and a bare ass. Money to feed it.

The Last Watch

Both the Light and the Dark engage in some pretty questionable behaviour — murders, killings, mob, rule breaking, involuntary sacrifice — but it is not these actions that make the difference between the Light and Dark in Lukyanenko’s Russia; it is the choice between the individual and the group. A most disappointed crustacean is me. I liked Olga, i loved her in just every sense.

Something more is contained in every word chosen—a hint of characterization, a whiff of judgement, an implication. His characters try and maintain the balance aatch Good and Evil, which inevitably leads them to do bad things for good reasons and, um, you know, good things for bad reasons. Rowling Russian style” and I actually came to see the similarities between Harry and Anton, both are pawns of superior magicians and both are at the centre of a war between light and dark but I think that is where these comparisons should end.

First one is about Svetlana and boy Egor.

There is a lot of partying, alcohol and drunken conversations. The book is really broken down into three parts but all three focus on Anton who is an Other, working with the Night Watch. Anton must find him before the Day Watch arests him for the crimes they try to frame him. The war is fought by “Others” who are different from humans in that they have magical powers.


For example, a copper amulet in the human world may be seen existing in the Twilight as a small ball of fire. An Other can exist without being initiated as part of a Watch, still independently capable of entering the Twilight and becoming Light or Dark. Somehow the final revelation of the one unexplained mystery haning over from the original trilogy largely underwhelmed, too. What Anton doesn’t know is that the couple in the car are Maxim and his wife.

There is a treaty between Light and Darkness that both sides need to adhere to and it allows very little direct intervention from either side. For all its symbolic possibilities, Lukyanenko’s scenario, with its enforced treaty between the two sides, its negotiations, power-struggles and rule-bendings, feels paradoxically mundane. Neither good nor evil, you see, is about actions. A recommended read for urban fantasy enthusiasts. Night, Day, Twilight, done.

A nuclear blast extends all the way down, through every level. Others can be shape shifters, magicians etc.

For example Anton, always called his boss by his full name, every time – “Yes Boris Ignavatich” – on one occasion he nignt his name six times.

Maybe I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it just seemed messy to me, and I think never understood well enough what it was actually saying to figure out what it wasn’t. The world building is elegantly presented via character conversations that are well contexted to the narrative. I liked the tripartite structure of the book.

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