Ajay sighs, and Toadie looks taken aback. Ajay Kapoor Calen MacKenzie Callum asks if Toadie’s on strike, and he explains that Sonya needs to keep busy, because she’s a bit lost since “Walter” left. Tell me more about what’s going on in your life. Imogen first pretends she thought they were, then admits that she was trying to protect Amber. Sheila advises taking it out on her customers. Paul Robinson Peter Flaherty Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

She thinks that maybe Josh is still angry at what happened. I’ve got to leave for India now. No 24 Ajay is on the phone, and rings off as Toadie comes in. Sonya wanders in and says she’s going to a meeting so they have to look after Nell. Josh has to chose between Amber and his training. Ajay considers, then says it could be a good use of some of the insurance money. Brad comes in, and Sheila comments how running hasn’t done his body any harm.

Bob Kind Alan Fletcher Amber says maybe she should end things with him, not that Josh would care. Toadie doesn’t move, and eventually Sonya goes. Amber says she can take care of herself. Kate and Mason want Paul and Matt to sort out neighboues issues. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Dingoes Gym Amber goes to talk to Josh. She thinks that maybe Josh is still angry at what happened. Not as important as family. Community Centre Toadie is waiting outside and is surprised to see Sonya out so soon.


Kate and Mason end up getting back together. Karl feels like Ajay I guess I’ve kind of done that too.

Ajay says it’s because they were grieving for Priya – she didn’t want to be a burden. No 24 Rani is showing Bailey pictures of India on her laptop. Later Rani wants to know why her great – grandmother didn’t call.

Amber looks sad as Imogen says that Clay is a much better prospect than Josh. Sonya says that she really wanted to believe Walter was her uncle.


Home and Away 26th June – video dailymotion

S29E Episode Brad and Terese are forced to face the neighbourz. There’s a knock at the door. Start With a Classic Cult. Half the universe saw you.

You’ve got to trust me more. He’s not very chatty until she says he had time for Hayley, when he says he was just helping her out. Don Cotter Harley Bonner No 24 Rani is reading a review of her play which says it would have been more authentic if the writer had been to India.

So you don’t know if he’s OK? Paul thinks he’s a good investment because of Kate. Chris Pappas Chris Milligan Prompted by Bailey, Rani tells him she’s going to India.

Mason Turner Chris Haywood Tomorrow on Neighbours – Karl tells Georgia they’re not a covers band. Terese has bought some water bottles to give as freebies to his new clients. Later Sonya comes in looking unsure and asks Brad what deals there are. Hudson Walsh Sachin Joab Toadie asks if he’s been thinking about it a while.

She gets up as he tells her that she’ll be staying with the Kennedys, so she should just pack what she needs and pick up what the rest. S29E Episode Walter manages to work his way into Toadie’s house and also into Sheila’s affections. But he did make me feel wanted again. Walter’s confession to be only his late Start your free trial. Josh asks if it’s serious, and Imogen says she guesses it is, adding that he can’t complain because he was all cosy with Hayley.


Sonya starts to believe that Walter is not who he says he is. Callum points out that he publicly humiliated them. Josh broke a lot of hearts in Perth. Sonya apologises that Sheila got dragged into Dave’s lies. Brad comes in, and Sheila comments how running hasn’t done his body any harm.

Neighbours – Episode 6684

Terese says you need to embellish things to encourage the people you love. Rani says she’s going to see the Taj Mahal. S29E Episode Paul is made to attend Terese’s sexual harrassment workshop. What the hell kind of name is Clay? Georgia confronts Kate about her secret. Who cares what your name is when you look like that?

Paul Robinson Peter Flaherty Bailey is about as interested as I was neighbourz the play storyline. No 24 Ajay is on the phone, and rings off as Toadie comes in.

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