I mean, it’s worse for you, I get it. Kyle picks the dog up, and wishes Jade a happy birthday. Don’t tell me what to do, and I’m not your ‘love’. Too late, sweetheart, I’ve already started. Kate, I was desperate, the banks were breathing down my neck. It’s not as simple as that. No, no, no, look, it’s not a scam!

Lucas talks to Lou, Chris and Kate about Vanessa being pregnant. Lassiters It’s the next morning, Lucas arrives at Lassiters and finds Paul and Susan arguing about the front page of the paper. When Summer and Susan have gone, Fiona gives an evil smile. Rhys isn’t even there. Lucas comes in through the back door and hears this last sentence. Harold’s Store Lucas comes to find Vanessa. He is not having any luck though. He takes the dog out to the garden, and when he comes back, he meets Jade who is also up getting a drink.

He’s going to be a father, so he’d better get his act together. He is not having any luck though. They go to set up the software. Well, I got my temper from my dad so I’m not ready for that argument. You did this to her. Susan will still make editorial decisions, but they’ll have more ownership of their work. The last eipsode he wants is some hot – headed gold digger messing him about.

Kate observes him for a while and then picks up her phone and rings Kyle. John Henderson Phillipa Preston: You must really be regretting meeting me.

And you believe it?

When Paul has gone, Susan asks Tash if Paul has been in there much today. I mean, I don’t have a problem with it.

Neighbours | March 20, – video dailymotion

No – one owes me anything. She offers to have a look and asks Summer what the password is. So why didn’t you say something?! Kyle comes looking for Jade, who is nervously waiting in her room.


Later Lucas is telling Lou off for buying Vanessa’s “sob story”. Outside Charlie’s Paul sees journalist Fiona and invites her to join him.

On the road Episose is motorbike again he must be angry or upsetthough perhaps in addition to the usual stock footage, we now hear Vanessa, Sonya and Lucas’s words echoing through Lucas’s mind as he returns to Ramsay Street. Listen, I’ve told Lucas I don’t want his help, and as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t exist. Kate assures her that Lucas is a good guy, but Vanessa doubts it.

Don’t call me Andy.

He tells her she’ll give her the present at the party, in front of everyone, Jade looks increasingly nervous. Kate advises him to leave it, and also to neibhbours her take over the books for him – just to help him out. Kyle assures Rhys he won’t have to take care of it, and he says he is really excited about giving it to Jade, and plans to beighbours the dog’s name – tag engraved for tomorrow. I know what you’re up to.

Kyle gets down on a knee, prompting Jade to stand up. Too late, sweetheart, I’ve already started. Sonya suggests he be firm with the dog now so that it knows its place, and while it’ll be hard to do it’ll be better for him in the long run.

It’s now the middle of the night. No, no, of course it wasn’t. So all of a sudden, she has no job, no place to live, she’s up the duff and she’s back on your doorstep.

She starts feeling sick again and Lou comforts her. He would do anything for anyone. All the staff are quiet and reluctant to speak up. You put neighbouts in this situation, which means you need to deal with the consequences. Vanessa rushes over and whacks Lucas with her handbag.


You get married before you do this, and if it happens, you just deal with it. Jade looks less keen. Number 26 Kyle talks on the phone about the engraving for the dog’s collar, Jade walks in and overhears, assuming that he’s talking about an engagement ring.

We’ll sort it out. She came back to Erinsborough for a job. Recap – Lou tells Kyle that he’ll handle the books from now on. I have done no such thing! I don’t need anyone. After Sonya wishes Jade a happy birthday neighboufs a hug, Jade ask why Kyle was over here and wonders if he was planning her surprise gift.

Lou says he’s changed his mind – he thinks Vanessa is genuine and Lucas can’t run away from the situation. When the girls have gone, Lou asks Lucas what’s going on. Tomorrow on Neighbours – Paul tells Susan that neigbbours made a mistake in firing Fiona. Summer realises that Fiona saw fpisode type the password in a Harold’s earlier.


Jade goes through for breakfast and tries to discourage Kyle from getting her a big present. You freak out when I talk about sharing a room, as if I’d ask you to marry me?

They talk very loudly about it remarkably Jade doesn’t hear what they’re saying even though she calls for them to quieten down.

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