Off whoop-whoop Two girls are thrown off a bus. But Lil doesn’t know what he wants her to say. Izzy looks genuinely sweet. He does, and tells her he’s sorry. Like Mother, Like Doormat Summary: She asks Andy how he could do this to his kids. Stingray tells her they can be a bit full-on when they’re all together, but Janelle likes to think that Janae and Bree are angels.

Janelle guesses that she is meeting Andy. Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Izzy tells him there will be heaps of times when he can have a big night at the Scarlet Bar. Karl says he’ll just stick to the medium-sized ones. At number 26, Susan and Janelle are arguing over whether Lyn should forgive Andy for lying about not having children. Off whoop-whoop Two girls are thrown off a bus.

Until Proven Innocent Summary: Tim tells her how great she was and Toadie introduces everyone to Eva, explaining that they also wrestle together. He says he is, he just had a bit of an accident with the breakfast tray. Susan’s newfound romance goes horribly wrong.

Eisode is just still scared that his heart will pack it in on him. Stingray asks Janelle if she thinks Lyn minds them staying there. Paul begs Lil to take a chance on him instead of David. Paul freaks out when he sees her on his computer. I reckon that’s his third strike, he’s out! Serena’s betrayal continues creating shockwaves.


On a country road, Neiighbours and Bree are busy being thrown off a bus. Number 32 Izzy has come home, and starts drawing a diagram of Paul’s intricate web of deceit and evil. Stefan Dennis Gabrielle Walker: Stu fears Sheena may be right about Sindi. Damien Bodie Bree Timmins: No offence, Lynnie, you’re a looker too. Paul still doesn’t know whether to believe her.

Wall Dalton previously trained Karma the horse in Janae look-a-like Taryn Eva — Episode — When Dylan, Bree and Stingray went to save sister Janae from Chris Cousens, they couldn’t find her at the club and Dylan accidentally grabbed a girl who looked like Janae from behind.

Damien Bodie Janelle Timmins: Written by Emma J. Ready For Commitment Summary: Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes.

Neighbours: The Perfect Blend | Magic Moments: Janae and Bree’s Arrival

Janelle tells her it’s Lyn’s other son Jack. Later on, Karl is in bed while Izzy sits with him. Back at the flat, Izzy is trying to snap Karl out of his depression, telling him that his friends and patients need him. Susan emerges, asking if she can help them, and Janae compares her to Julie from The O. He asks what the woman looked like, and tells the other person not to panic, because it will only create suspicions. Lyn tells her that he lives in Los Angeles now, with his girlfriend Nina Tucker, who is an actress.


Janelle comes in all hysterical. So any man neihhbours his own hair and who can pay for dinner, is worth a second look, right? He pours her a cuppa, and asks how she is adjusting to hotel life.

The End of the Ride

As she opens nekghbours door, Paul raises his hand to knock. Five Finger Discount Summary: Of course, these are Janae and Bree, the Timmins sisters.

Karl and Izzy edge closer to restoring their relationship. Lil isn’t sure what she is going to do. Harold receives a reality check when he sees Sky with Gabby. Janelle starts with the sop story. Lyn says that she ended things. He takes her hand and thanks her for reminding him. Perhaps Lyn should have lied and said he was going out with Delta Goodrem.

She tells him that the bar opening went really well and he explains that he popped in but she seemed really busy. Lil asks who won, and then asks what is really going on.

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