He was about to walk away when he remembered the advice given to him by Mr. Patol Babu suggested that he should rehearse his scene. Why do I need to sign in? I will…I will…but first give me something to eat. As he practices, he realises that a monosyllabic exclamation could be said in different ways and carried different meanings. Once when Nishikanto Babu came to Patol Babu, he told him that his brother-in-law Naresh Dutt who works in film business needed a short, bald-headed man of the age fifty for his film. After watching the film shoot for sometime, he asked for his dialogue so that he could memorise and rehearse it.

Yes, I will be able to achieve my dreams as I have all the qualities and the strength to be successful in the career I want to follow. How could anyone be so cruel? How could anyone be so cruel? They crew has to arrange for the actors and manage the unruly crowds. The other groups will try to guess which emotion is being expressed. Tick the right choice. Initially, Patol Babu was upset by the dialogue he was given. People become character actors chiefly because Tick the right choices.

Patol Babu rehearsed the exact number of steps for colliding with the hero, added a small grey moustache to his look and held a newspaper open in his hand. Solutiona question is to be answered on the basis of your own understanding, experience and thoughts.

This answer depends on each student’s views and opinions. Do you think you can achieve your dreams?

Patol Babu, Film Star [NCERT Solution] Class 10th English – Study Cbse Notes

A meek, harmless man like him, and they had to drag him into the middle of the city to make a laughing stock out of him. Why had Patol Babu lost his first job in Calcutta?


He also meticulously worked out how he would react physically when the collision took place. As soon as he gets an offer to play a walk on part in a movie, he accepted it. Your disappointment when you heard about the role you had to play and the mono syllable you had to utter. Answer Patol Babu was given the role of an absent-minded pedestrian who collided with the hero Chanchal Kumar on his way from his car to office.

When the time for the shoot arrived, Patol Ncerg suggested a rehearsal. Here are some lines from the lesson. It involves the work of many and it takes the combined effort of all to make it a success. He has spoiled his day. So what happened at the shooting today? Mullick wanted to quickly shoot the scene in the sunlight and he could see a large patch of cloud approaching the sun, which was making him impatient. In Jatras, in amateur theatricals, to gain control over one’s actions in plays put up by the club in his neighbourhood, Patol Babu was always in demand.

His advice to Patol Babu was that no matter how small a part one has been offered never consider it beneath one’s dignity to accept it. Strengths Why do you feel so? Oh, yes, Patoll had the time of my life.

Did you know that filmmaking is solutios different from stage production? Share with a friend. He was also a self concerned man because he ordered for a ginger tea with his wife the day before the movie was to be shot so that his voice will be loud and clear on the day of the movie. I wanted to thank you for recommending me for that role.


Answer the following questions briefly. Is there any correlation between your strengths and aspirations? In short making a film is a combined effort of many people.

Do you think making a movie is an easy job? Patol Babu had gone to the Faraday House with lot of aspirations and desires. Patol Babu has to struggle hard to earn his livelihood. Did you get to do your role? ncfrt

Morever, the director is always on tenterhooks to finish the shooting. Patol Babu is an amateur actor for whom walk-on part in a movie turns into an ultimate solutiojs. In Jatras, in amateur theatricals, to gain control over one’s actions in plays put up by the club in his neighbourhood, Patol Babu was always in demand.

The self satisfaction you received on completion.

Patol Babu, Film Star [NCERT Solution] Class 10th English

Do you know there are soolutions focused at every angle? He has come to all the way into the middle of the city for such a small dialogues.

Question 3d Answer the following questions briefly. After the age of forty the actors most likely to get less work are Tick the right choice. What were the special touches that Patol Babu gave to his role to make it more authentic?

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