At the beginning, Klenting Kuning felt happy, because had a new family members. Actually, she really would go too to that party, but her step mother and sister forbid her. She is Klenting Kuning. And the fact is I was the prince of the kingdom Jenggal a, raden panji asmarabangun. Who will be chosen by the Piince latei. And go Klenting Kuning screen boat. This contest refers to all the girls with no exception.

Thank you, Si Mbok. Paberik Tekstil Kasrie Pasuruan. There is no boats here. Ande o no ande, la dignidad por delante. Cerita Ande Ande Lumut Documents. Published on Nov View Download 3. Do you want to take across the river? Season 5 Young man:

Suddenly, it appeared a woman who was looking for woods. Paberik Tekstil Kasrie Pasuruan. UnexpectedlyJenggala Kingdom was attacked by their enemy kingdom. Then they were separated.

What smell is it, it is very unwell!! Only this your chance to meet your prince.

Ande Ande Lumut

Bow coulu we cioss this iivei. Meanwhile, the two sisters had departed first.

Theyweie confuseu, because they hau to cioss the iivei which was ueep anu wiue, while none of the boat that lookeu neai the iivei.


And there was not even a single boat seen around there. Mbok Rondo Dadapan make a competition looking for a wife For her handsome son, his name is Ande-Ande lumut.

Raden Panji and Dewi Sekartaji got married and they lived happily ever after. Do not be afraid. I wish I could help you. Becauseofthat,PanjiAsmaiabangunwhowasIayengnegaia’ssonwasmaiiieu with ,lenting who was Iayengiana’s uaughtei.

Klenting Abang is arrogant and entered the house Ande-ande Lumut, Ande-ande saw very disliked klenting Abang and klenting Ijo. I’ll help you, but you should fulfill my requirement.

I will announce who will be the wife of the prince. She becomes our sister? You want to choose which of the two this beautiful girl?

Red and Klenting Hijau are panic. Without any fuithei uue, Klenting Kuning soon back into the house anu getting ieauy to nzskah to auapan village. Please, you receive me as your daughter. To able singing like Mrs. Versi yang banyak dikenal dan “tradisional” adalah yang mengaitkannya dengan bersatunya nasah Kerajaan Jenggala dan Kediri. Farma Niaga Distribusindo Dist.

Naskah Drama Ande-ande Lumut Bahasa Inggris ~ Aris Prasetyo Budi Official Website

To avoid war between the two kingdoms, the ki Then mbok rondo adopted her and gave her a name klentingkuning. Rich or poor, all may register. Why I should meet this dirty cedita while all girls have fun? Be uiun’t know wheie his wife was now. What does she want from us?


At the beginning, Klenting Kuning felt happy, because had a new family members. My son, is there a reason why you choose Klenting Kuning? Ande-ande lumut was a prince disguised rakyta a commoner, he went to looking for the crown princess of the kingdom.

Yes, Iam Panji Inu Kertapati. They were so confused at the time till it made them struck each other.

Drama Script – Ande Ande Lumut

My body was tired. What shoulu we uo. Clean the front yard! Peoples usually called me Mbok Rondo Dadapan. One day he arrived in the village Dadapan.

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