Now in full control of himself, Obito forces Minato to teleport back after ripping the Fourth Hokage’s arm off. For the list of episodes from the original Naruto series, see List of Naruto episodes. But Naruto injects that the day is birthday while Minato marvels at his grown-up son’s courage. Archived from the original on June 19, For both the original Naruto series and Shippuuden, which episodes should I watch if I want to avoid the filler? Sage Mode Limit Reached” Transcription:

November 3, [14]. February 26, — via Amazon. Luckily, on a gambit, Naruto comes up with his own plan and asks Minato to bump fists with him so their respective Kuramas can connect through them. May 5, [14]. Shows i’m half way through. Back at the battle with the monsters of Ten Tails, Teams 8 and 10 resolve to become stronger as well, but, as Hashirama notes, Ten Tails constantly creates bigger and more powerful monsters. Shippuden Season 18 Season 18 Cover. Tsunade and Sakura attempt to summon one tenth of Katsuyu to aid in the recovery of the Alliance by using their seals together.

On ground Sakura says she loves narutoas the medical ninja come to Shikamaru’s aid after barely surviving the Shinju and all of Katsuyu’s extensions have been killed off, Naruto mourns the numerous deaths as Obito attempts to break his will narjto again while offering to spare those among the surviving Allied Ninja who would no longer resist the Infinite Tsukiyomi.

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March 10, [14]. May 12, [14].

Kakashi and Yamato shppuden with the former distracting Mecha-Naruto with his Lightning Blade, giving Yamato the opportunity to save Naruto. March 23, [14]. August 20, — via Amazon.


Akogare no Nê-Sama

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Hashirama then relays the information to everyone via Ino’s Mind Transmission to booster the allied ninjas’ morale and not to give shipupden. But Naruto and Kurama leads the counterattack on the Gedo statue with the tailed beasts using their tails as whips, forcing Madara to fall back while losing his right arm. The Steam Imp” Transcription: But Gaara attempts to use his Desert Hands to save Shukaku to the tailed beast’s shock after what he put his former Jinchuriki through.

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Collection – Volume 25 – DVD”. This Week’s Top Trailers. Fade into the Moonlight Episode Ashura and Indra Episode The Lost Page” Ep – July 21, [14]. The battle ends with Hanabi defeating Hinata and being declared as the clan’s new heiress by their father.

April 28, [14]. Natsu tells Hanabi to leave Naruto alone before returning home to finish her work. Hanabi adores her sister Hinata, who struggles to become a worthy successor to the Hyuga Clan. But Sasuke refuses and Madara attacks him and the others before setting his sights on the approaching Tailed Beasts.

October 8, [14]. Use the HTML below. February 9, [14]. Obito is seemingly hesitant whether or not he is doing the right thing.

The Nine Tails” Transcription: Meanwhile, Orochimaru, Suigetsu, and Karin arrive at the battlefield where Madara fought the five Kage, where Tsunade is using Katsuyu to heal the other Kage but is too weak from her own injuries to make much progress.


Summaru as a guest Name. Collection – Volume 29 – DVD”. After speaking briefly with her grandfather, Tsunade and the other Kage rally all the troops around them.

Back at the battle with the monsters of Ten Tails, Teams 8 and 10 resolve to become stronger as well, but, as Hashirama notes, Ten Tails constantly creates bigger and more powerful monsters.

Archived from the original on March 30, But matters worsen when Obito reveals he retained control of himself as he frees the Ten Tails before absorbing episoce to become a Jinchuriki. Iruka’s Decision Episode The Formation of Team Minato Narruto Sign up using Email nxruto Password. When Hanabi watches Hinata train with Neji, she wonders why her sister is so confident despite being deemed a failure by their father. The Heart’s Eye Episode May 26, [14].

March 9, [14]. Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Karin leave to join the main battle, while Tsunade stays behind to revive the remaining Kage. Naruto rides away from the village in a palanquin with Yamato while Choji, Kiba, Neji, and Shikamaru act as bearers and Kakashi as backup. From there, Obito berates the title of Hokage. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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