The believable, brave and vulnerable main characters are all pioneering victims of time and circumstance. But unfortunately I didn’t and I am sad to say that I left this book about half way through. Newer Post Older Post Home. Did she have an editor? Nanberry was one of only 3 survivors of the Cadigal tribe struck by the devastating smallpox outbreak which decimated the aboriginal population in the area. Black Brother White is a touching and tragic tale of a boy growing up, torn between two worlds.

Nanberry was no servant. I rewrote the book again. No less incredible is the enduring love between the gentleman surgeon and the convict girl who was saved from the death penalty and became a great lady in her own right. When Andrew was born, Nanberry delighted in teaching him all he knew. I read this for YA lit at uni. There was a convict housekeeper, too, who bore Surgeon White a child just before he left for England, maybe worth a page or three. Black Brother White is an incredible story if a boy and his family living in Sydney Cove in the ‘s when the First Fleet arrived.

When Andrew was born, Nanberry delighted in teaching him all he knew.

Nanberry: Black Brother White

We value your comments, however, please note that all comments are moderated and need to be approved before brothee, so spammers I love Jackie’s writing style, and this book did not disappoint in that respect, but I must confess that for the majority nanberty the read I was quite bored. I am only eleven, but I felt this book was engaging and hard to put down, even though it wasn’t as exciting as most other books.

My only criticism is about the write-up on the book’s back cover. A fascinating read for year olds. Feb 24, Scott rated it really liked it. I had to read this book for school. The settlers including Surgeon White went to the sites where the natives lay to see if there were any left alive — two young children plus an adult were brought back to their primitive hospital. Tania McCartney 31 August at That sounds so fantastic. Eleven to thirteen year olds. Nov 17, Alyssa rated it it was ok.


This unit suggests ways students can use the text to explore and examine complex language features. It’s another beautifully written, gripping, hard to put down, historical novel by Jackie French.

The challenges and concerns they faced and the inherited intergenerational trauma still haunts our society to this day.

Yet another book that suffers from a deceptive blurb. As usual Jackie has thoroughly researched the topic and includes references to the real people on brotner the story is based.

Deceptive blurb aside, it’s pretty great. Unknown 15 September at It was quite a sad book, but its great for the history synopsix Australia, as its all true.

Still, it’s a compelling and easy to read book with Jackie French’s typical flair for capturing both the beauty and the horror of history. The colonisation of Sydney I read this for YA lit at uni. But jumping forward in time by twenty three years was rather unexpected and it jolted me out of the story as my brain tried to catch up. Such a good story for students – I read while my year 7 was reading for school.

A simple chart on the classroom wall or a Web 2.

In reality, what we get is the story of the arrival of the First Fleet through Nanberry’s eight year old eyes, his ultimate adoption by Surgeon White, and the early years of the colony through both their eyes.

Historical fiction based on real people during the settling of Sydney, Open Preview See a Problem? Nanberry learned quickly and soon was interpreting for Governor Philip. Amy 31 August at There is a tug to finish the story and find out what happens. I read this for YA lit at uni. Draft two of the book changed completely.

Jackie French is so prolific, and really quite amazing. I didn’t even like Nanberry that much but I think he deserved a more heroic and acknowledged death. The boy then goes through a difficult time as his family dies from smallpox. It depicts the violence,squalor and appalling treatment of women in Sydney Cove, the decimation of indigenous clans due to small pox, the cruel mistreatment of convicts in the Second Fleet, and the endemic corruption of the marine corps. With the little that was recorded in the eighteen hundreds making it hard for any writer and historian to garner facts, the obviously meticulous research of this book kept me enthralled.


I would recommend this book for anyone interested in early Australian history.

Nanberry: Black Brother White by Jackie French

May 06, Paquita rated it it sunopsis amazing Shelves: I was never a huge fan of this book but I decided to at least give it a try. We were both totally absorbed by this story.

However, I enjoyed this sybopsis as I believe Jackie French has portrayed the historical characters she has based her book on as closely as she can to the historical opinions and events of the time. Now we want to go to Sydney and visit all of the places we have read about.

In truth, Andrew Surgeon White and Rachel Turner’s son isn’t born until Nanberry is about 16 and a well-seasoned sailor. Did she have an editor? He fought at Nanberey, as a sapper. Balck novel looks at the early years of the colony of Sydney through black and white eyes, primarily Nanberry, a young Cadigal boy, and Surgeon White, a doctor for the colonists, who adopts Namberry after most of his clan fall victim to small pox.

It was fascinating material, about extraordinary people: The young girl also lived… When Surgeon White went against everything and adopted the native boy Nanberry, he had no idea of the closeness and affection he would feel for this intelligent Aboriginal boy.

But some of the themes in this book is for young adults or in a conservative community I would say its for adults.

You can change fiction to make it more exciting. Nanberry was one of only 3 survivors of the 4.

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