Joon September 6, at 9: Myung-wol the Spy Favorite. I want to know what could’ve been. And I’m sure the cast and crew are relieved that the drama is over! Spy MyungWol is good, but the end was rushed. She just gave me great deal of annoyance. Both of them stuck with the drama and never once was accused of being unprofessional even though all of us can witness how insane the writing and directing of the drama turned out to be Kang-woo seeks out the agency and asks Hee-bok to find him the person named Goblin.

What would they do with the rest of the episodes? Why did it have to be that long? It will either be able to pull off all the plot angles, or it will fall apart because it gets too confused with itself. I really have to know or the uncertainty may just drive me insane. I’m torn between Ryu and Kangwoo! I thought , with some relief, that its finished by ep

This episode has a lot of the cute, light, funny moments that made early Myung-wol the Spy so enjoyable for me, and lightened up on the gloom and angst.

I hope I will be proven wrong but we’ll see. I’m mad I have to wait till next week. In-ah brags to her assistant that her bold moves have paid off, which is so not the lesson she should be taking from this. And the funny pretty much kills me. I don’t see any vows being recited or cake being cut, just photo taking.

Poor him, he needs a warm hugs! I do have a question, does KW know she’s a spy, or are we still on the premise that she is after his money and THAT’s what the lies were about?


He thinks back to all their encounters, and I love that this supposedly poignant reminiscence includes an explosion, ha. No idea whats happening and here u are! I kind of want this to go on indefinitely, just to watch them deflate and inflate accordingly. I don’t think Ryu should pull a proposal with Myungwol since he would either be rejected or making her to marry him when he knows all along her heart is clearly with someone else is just WRONG!

Once there, Myung-wol wades in and enjoys the water, while the Old Spies observe. I can’t decide for this episode as yet Ryu finds Myung-wol to assure her that everything is fine. Fiiine, just seduce her like immature men and have manly Stare-Offs all the time.

HYS may have more trouble sspy plum roles after this, but I believe it is over. I checked out Myungwol because of the storyline, and now I’ve been asking myself why didn’t I check out any of Eric’s previous dramas before. Thanks so much for the recap! I’ve been watching the character development throughout the show When psy do the “Love theme,” it is gorgeous. THIS show was soooo good then it just became crap.

Spy Myung Wol Episode 17-18 Recap

Despite ample amount, they tried hard and worked till the end. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. But acting as a North Korean spy? Almost like the writer didn’t know what to do with the story. Meta [Happily never sinopsiss 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie.

Alvina September 6, at 8: Yeah, and I still say that the ‘treasure’ is the recipe for making sinipsis or something, which was no longer relevant in the 20th c. Ok-soon and Hee-bok are married and doing well with restaurants and coffee shops.


Spy Myung-wol – Wikipedia

N Rogers September 5, at Ok-soon wonders if this means she loves Kang-woo, and Hee-bok sighs that it sure is complicated, with Ryu loving Eposode and all. Especially with the Spy Parents and Daekang!

I agree that MV might have felt something for Ryu as well. Kang-woo says he has to find it, even though the only hard clue he has is a name: Yes, I agreed that the first half started out great but loses its momentum in the second half. Romance Is a Bonus Book: Oh, I wish this drama had kept up this sense of humor throughout. Myung-wol is given three months to marry Kang-woo, and sleeper spy Ok-soon put in charge of her lady training. Also, we need badly to inject some more personality in Ryu.

Is there really a mosquito there, or is he just really, really weak to the power of suggestion, as with the snakes?

In-ah shocks them all by arriving unannounced at spy central, and takes Ryu with her to a bar. What happened to all his wounds? She leaves the house in tears.

Ricky TRH, I so am picturing you as a spy!!! I really like your comments about scenes.

Choi Ryu is willing to turn it over in exchange for a promise Myung Wol will be safe. I doubt she was the cause of the poorly written script.

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