They spent many evening walking at dusk talking about how life, their prior lives as spys, and the homeland that they missed, but no longer felt was their home. I took to the story right away because Myung-wol is a great heroine. Drama writers also include 2. I just enjoyed watching the work done by this wonderful cast. Ryu all the way. Thanks for the recaps though. Hee-bok shows up at the hospital in order to warn Myung-wol, and he brings his partner Dae-kang in to distract her guards by posing as a crazy person.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: This is where I call upon the fanfiction writers out there to write a true epilogue to this show where we say how Ryu gets his happy ending, because seriously? Thanks for recapping to the sweet bitter end JB. Korea when they do get married for good instead of the other way around? You must really have been frustrated by HYS. I tried so hard!! How can they not notice that some of their characters, who had been given some significant airtime in the beginning, have been missing for the past 10 episodes? The spy family reunites and tries to decide what to do.

Arhazivory July 12, at 8: This drama keeps getting better and better. Hopefully there will be a better drama next time!!

Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. In-ah finds Kang-woo in his dressing room and demands that he marry her. Should have ended earlier for the better, or the could have made the happy ending longer.

I enjoined every single one of their scenes. As for the ending, despite feeling like drinking the glass half simopsis since it didn’t resolve all the loose ends BUT I am quite content that at least it’s a happy ending, no one dies, amnesia Again i would love to see Choi Ryu and In Ah getting back together and eventually found happiness between them. I was hoping for a happy ending for Ryu, he deserves that, In-ah and Ryu will make a good couple, they’ve been heartbroken so why not give them eachother atleast.

She just gave me great deal of annoyance. You guys made the show so much more entertaining.


Spy Myung-wol – Wikipedia

Mondays and Tuesdays at In fact, most of the dramatic tension in this finale was pretty much moot, because we were just re-treading the same ground as before. Lol at the Rambaldi reference! Myug though the major problem of this drama can be whittled down to the Directing and script, in the end you still agreed to a role in the hot mess. Ryu xinopsis, but the dinopsis on his face are hideous. Meanwhile Ryu flies to Singapore first, to witness the sale of one of spj ancient books.

Her heart breaks for all the pain and suffering poor Ryu has had to suffer, and she piggybacks him and sprints to the mountains, where she brews herbal concotions, and tends to him until he is well. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Maybe not, but it was enjoyable summer fluff Would I watch it all the way through again?

Hee-bok shows up at the hospital in order to warn Myung-wol, and he brings his partner Dae-kang in to distract her guards by posing eol a crazy person. By the way, thank u ockoala for the fast conclusion. She wakes up the next morning and comes out to meet Ryu and asks why he led Kang-woo here.

He advised North Korea that he would give them all the books in exchange for being allowed to disappear with Myung Wol.

So she sneaks out to his balcony, only so does he. I can’t decide for this episode as yet I really wish all the cast members the best. I can take a deep breath now. Choi Ryu brings Myung Wol to the mountains, the same spot where she once spent the night with Kang Woo after finding him lost. Thanks for recapping to the sweet bitter end JB.

For a project to go this bad, there must be some pretty bad management going on, be it the producers, directors, writers, bosses KBS and so simopsis.

But this drama was all setup and no payoff. This drama is funny. I foresee abs, a bunch of half naked men getting wet and hopefully slow running montages. Huh, what do you mean by being gentleman?!


This last sentence is exactly what ,yung of us had on mind!!!!!!!!!! But you know what? But alas, it was only a year, because Myung Wol knew she had to go back to Kang Woo. It’s too strange for my tastes. I think I’m just still going crazy about City Hunter that I tend to compare all the other dramas I’m watching with it.

Debbie September 8, at 6: Really wish Protect the Boss could have been recaped instead of this show. Thanks Javabeans and GirlFriday for sticking with this recap all the way to the end!

Myung-wol the Spy: Episode 2 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

The first three or so episodes had that refreshing quirkiness that was different from a lot of other romcoms, with a bit of a dark edge to its humor. After a dust off and rest-up, we could see her in a film. Somehow in my mind, I want to believe that Choi Ryu became the fugitive and somehow North Korea allowed Myung Wol to live her life with Kang Woo considering they do not want further troubles with the South.

Why does he talk so much? If the solution was going to be this easy, then why did we have to go through all the leaving, not leaving, hiding, dealing, kidnapping, and fake death?

Spy Myung Wol Episode 17-18 Recap

Yuuko11 July 12, at It’s certainly made me a fan of Eric. I must not read this until I see the episode or else I’ll be skimming through it. And everything went around in a big, big circle.

Thanks for the recaps.

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