Han Ji Min is my top favorite co-star lady for Yoochun so far You want the Buddhist theory or the story theory–the story theory would to be punished so she realizes her mistakes and resolves it. They don’t have Yi Gak’s imperious tone, but if we’re looking at grammar and vocabulary, they are still definitely doing the funny sageuk-speak. I am glad the CEO knows Sena is her daughter, I hope she doesn’t give her any part of the fortune once she finds out that Sena herself kept her from finding PH. I want to say they’ll go with an open-ended ending where it’s not clear whether he stayed or not, only that their love is confirmed and they’ll live on as star cross lovers. Here’s what the website says about them: Song Jae Hee Supporting Cast.

Woot woot, those always make things a bit more interesting. I already have a stash of tissues and chocolate ready for when this series ends. However, Park Yuchun is handling it properly. Chi-san texts the all-clear to let Yi Gak know that Grandma has finally left. It keeps me smiling and outright laughing through most of the scenes. It just wouldn’t be that satisfying to us viewers because we’ve had 20 episodes growing to love these characters, not necessarily BY and TY. Maybe Hwa-young and her scheming boyfriend cooked up a plan to kill Bu-young because of her spewing jealousy , but she herself ended up dead by mistake.

Today episode had me laughing at their childishness and seriousness when supporting each other. Plus, it’s his wife. Lee Tae Ri Main Cast. Tae-moo’s father, Yong Dong-man, forces Tae-moo to go on a blind date and the chairwoman encourages Se-na to date Tae-yong. Javabeans April 18, at 7: Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!


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The ducklings still talk in Joseon syntax. I think it is really feel awkward to kiss the person you like in front of many people Song Jae Hee Supporting Cast. Especially side on with a bit of tension? Reply pororo 28 December, at 5: That would suck, being a human and orince.

Hope things out better for her soon! One thing that i really appreciate about this drama is how fast the table turn.

I don’t think it was bad enough for epinephrin. Thanks for the clarifications! Such is life, LOL.

I kind of like I thought it was rooctop interesting that old Korea was quite conservative. As for me, it will be a letdown if yi gak and the rest will only wear those joseon costumes again when they have to say goodbye to park ha 5 minutes before the show concludes.

He finds Park-ha near unconsciousness and carries her out, his handkerchief draped over her face to filter out smoke. How can she feels anything with Tae Yong coz he is a totally different person in character, interest and way of thinking maybe. Reply Nav 17 July, at It really shows how love transcends all barriers. Ondubu April 27, at 7: But I am more interested to learn about:.

Yi Gak asks Pyo Taek-soo to fill him in on his life leading up to the disappearance. This is one of my favourite korean movies. So far he is doing his job very well. An interesting statistic, maybe, but useless.


The tooftop clapping the boys have been doing cracks me up. And here he was, too much of a wimp to go public himself.

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Reply hangukdrama 29 March, at PYC’s pouty lips are so distracting. This pretty much XD. I wonder if that’s going to come up. Awww that’s a total bummer. LSG is still the most loved celeb among his generation.

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You want the Buddhist theory or the story theory–the story theory would to be punished so she realizes her mistakes and resolves it. I wonder if it said he was assassinated right after the loss of his wife Definitely adds some positive vibes and funny to my day. Meanwhile, the other boys play cards downstairs with Becky and Mimi, and thoroughly hustle the ladies. Seems like u are a big fan of historical dramas: Swye April 26, at 7: That includes leaking some info purposely to mislead nysoju others in the company.

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