Click the Multi-camera Record toggle button on. Click the Wrench icon in the lower right and select Edit Cameras. See Add markers in the Timeline. Once you add a marker, the marker track is displayed above the playhead in the Source monitor. Likely they will remove this limitation of multi camera in some future version,maybe even 6, and the ability to integrate with the rest of Adobe’s professional line of tools is worth the effort. You can use the number keys to switch cameras as the multi-camera sequence plays.

Now that all four clips are in sync, you can start switching camera angles. Creating the initial multicamera sequence The first step is to create a multicamera sequence from your captured footage: You can also access this menu by right-clicking one of the selected clips. The only limit is the performance capabilities of your edit system when playing various kinds of codecs. Groups of clips with matching Camera Label or Camera Angle metadata fields are placed on their own track during the metadata creation process. From the point of view of editing, it acts just like any other clip.

You must do two things to target the track or tracks you want to be the destination. My experience with Pr is that while a bit of an odd workflow, Vegas multi cam is quite a nice fluid workflowit does work.

Premiere Pro CC: Multicam Step-by-Step | Larry Jordan

To multiccamara this, click the Wrench icon in the Program monitor and select Multi-camera. A new feature with the update is the ability to change how cameras are named.

All audio is unmuted up to 32 channels. For more information, see Workflow prwmiere overview for exporting. You can use keyboard shortcuts for multi-camera editing. Since you have so much more camera experience than I do, I can’t imagine using that many cameras! For more information on specifying the settings in the Multi-camera Source Sequence dialog box, see Using the Multi-camera Source Sequence dialog box.


This opens the multicam clip into the Timeline and displays all the source files on separate tracks. These three choices appear at the bottom of the Create Multicam window.

Give your multiclip a name and select how you want to sync your clips. Access over 1, on-demand video editing courses.

Check it again to make the angle visible. To replace an angle in the edited multicam clip with another angle, put the Timeline playhead in the shot you want to replace and click the new angle in the Program monitor.

Because all the clips have markers and all the markers have the same name, Marker is automatically selected.

The order in which you select your clips is the order they will be displayed premirre the Program monitor, though a new feature in Premiere now allows you to change this display order.

You can create a multicam source sequence in the following ways: Select Camera 1 when only the audio from Camera 1 is used in the editing sequence.

See All Related Articles. You can also combine clips using audio waveforms and markers. As shown here, the sequence now has multiple cut edits. Drag the Multi-camera Record button to the button bar.

Multi-camera editing workflow

I have same experience with crashing in vegas, on average every mutlicamara especially working in multicamera mode. I have never, repeat never, had my session end under Pr like what is an all to often occurrence with Vegas. After making your edits, you can always change them in the Multi-Camera Monitor or on the Timeline.

You can also access this menu by right-clicking one of the selected clips. Sequence Settings determines how the audio tracks in the source sequence are populated, how the panning and channel assignments are set, and whether they are muted.

Audio-follows-video is not supported for prekiere setting.

Select the Clip Marker option to sync the clips using clip markers that are manually added to common sync points. A multi-camera sequence is just that — a special sequence designed to contain multiple clips for editing.


Adobe premiere CS5.5 multicamera

Timecode can also be used to synchronize clips, and it does so automatically. If you use the hours value in source timecode as a camera designator, select the Ignore Hours option. You will line up those markers in a few steps. Select the Sequence Preset mklticamara menu to select from a list of all previously saved sequence presets.

Maps to as many mono channels as there are output channels in the source sequence. Things that limit the number of video angles you can edit include: For more information about using premiee shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts for multi-camera editing. Yep, Premiere Pro is limited mutlicamara 4 “live” streams at any given point in its multicam feature, which I hope they will fix with the upcoming release of CS6.

When dragging clips from the Source Monitor to the Timeline, you target the track by dragging the clip to it. Enable recording of multi-camera edits. For now, I suppose one course of action is to run multiple multicam sequences four streams at a time I haven’t done it, so I’m not sure how multicamaar it will be, if at all and then put all the edits into a final sequence.

Multicamera editing > Applying Specialized Editing Tools in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

Adjust and refine edits. Return to posts index. Open each clip and then do one of the following at the sync point: Enable multi-camera editing in the Program Monitor.

As a general guide, cs55 should be able to edit four streams of video using a single FireWire hard drive.

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