Brian Gibson Vue Weekly describes Movie 43 as “An execrable waste cooked up by a hell’s kitchen of directors and writers. Sitara uncredited Bronwyn Cornelius Hot Mom uncredited Devin Eash While the topic matter for this film is definitely bizarre, there is definitely some kind of commentary on the standard chick flick. Peter Farrelly Bobby Farrelly. Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Director.

Retrieved February 2, This is meant to make the humans feel inferior. Davis segment “The Catch” Kate Winslet Wessler spent years recruiting actors for the film. Ray segment “The Catch” Rocky Russo One female gets eaten by a shark because she used the “other brand. Chasing after her, he is then hit by a car and graphically evacuates his bowels everywhere.

Pamela segment “The Catch” Katie Finneran When the mom plays the potential girlfriend of the son, the camera angle starts as a wide shot and then cuts to a close up.

Movie 43 doesn’t have fleshedout characters or entire stories to shape its outrageous scenarios. Movie 43 This film is a compilation of actors and actresses that were forced into partaking in a terrible comedy that will not leave you laughing.

The movie is known as Movie Steve cheers them up by farting in front of them. Prime Focus Sai Krishna Rimmalapudi It’s a terrible movie, and everyone involved in Movie 43 seems to understand that it’s terribleand yet it is still made, almost as a dare, as though some studio executive said: That night, from a closet, Beezel tearfully watches the couple make love whilst sodomizing himself with a hairbrush and dry humping a stuffed teddy bear.

Movie 43 – Short Film

Amy goes outside to look. Farrelly said that when he approached George Clooney about playing himself in a sketch the gag was that Clooney is bad at picking up womenClooney told him “No fucking way. As the women submerge into the 433, a great shark suddenly appears and eats one of the women.


Wanting foreplay, Julie is angered when Doug wants to finish, and she runs into the street. Even Alist movie stars appreciate a good dick joke now and then, as shown in Novie 43 ibabe skit ultraraunchy sketch comedy Movie 43 Boy segment “iBabe” Darby Lynn Totten Friend segment “The Proposition” Kieran Culkin Retrieved February 2, When he arrives, Brian and Pete are shot at but ultimately kill both leprechauns.

The camera lingers on his embarrassment, as he stands outside of his own house with his mom looking out. Emma Stone talks dirty to, and sucks on the fingers of a greasy Kieran Culkin Stone’s short may have been the least appalling, but also the least funny. At the end of the segment, Pete reveals he has also caught a fairy who performs fellatio for gold coins. Larry segment “The Proposition”. Chappy segment “iBabe” Justin Long Winslet segment “The Catch” Kelley Mitchell This film is movle in black and white to really pull off the feeling of an informational video.

Full Cast & Crew

Relativity Edward De Leon Quaid’s character knows they are bad; Kinnear’s character knows they are bad; and the audience knows they are bad. Superhero speed dating, Griffin dunne In this twisted comedy, Robin attempts to score a date while Batman continuously interrupts him.


Afterward, a deadly earthquake rumbles and mankind is lost. Hula Post Jason Barhydt This PSA reminds you that there are mofie in these machines, working hard to benefit your everyday life.

This short will give a whole new perspective to homeschooling and the stereotypical effects that come from a lack of socialization with one’s peers. Angie segment “The Catch” Roy Jenkins The worst film ever gets zero stars”. Endgame Entertainment Lynn Witty Hydraulx segment “Happy Birthday” Francine Almeida Prime Focus Nivruti Shingole The mother and father did not find this inappropriate, but Winslet’s face and the linger of the camera moie her disgust.

Anson segment “Beezel” Emily Alyn Lind Caring more about his relationship, Anson agrees to find a new home for him. Relativity did little to promote the film and none of the cast members did any promotion of the film.

When they do so, Mone’s condescending, humiliating attitude toward Schraeder angers him to the point lbabe, after agreeing to make the film “the biggest film since Howard the Duck “, he confronts Mone in the parking lot with a gun and tries to make him perform fellatio on the security guard Wessler had gotten on the lot by doing the same thing and kill him if he does not make the film. Jackman read the script and agreed to be a part of movif film.

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