What is more, CS isn’t about getting individual kills but about winning rounds. Replace “shots” by “frags” and think of a telefrag in Q3. But you say so yourself that “Sometimes you can also get lucky frags. Let’s just leave it at that. If you are interested I can upload them somewhere. I was under the impression that the Quake community was for more mature than the CS community. Maybe you should try to ace top teams when they rush eco on you.

Edited by Naghokez at Posthumus – Nara it’s in the credits, stoopid. As I said, best-case scenario. Speedz0r Begen, Norway Joined: I stated multiple times that it did not have the impact on matches that you said it had. If one has “control” over recoil then there should be no luck involved. Yes, its the technique where cs players fight with the game instead of each other.

Not bad of a movie! One of the reasons why HeatoN is known is that he was among the first players to really control the recoil and use spraying effectively. It had already been posted?

Moie anyone know where to find these movies or already have them, please send me a PM. However, substitute usp with deagle if usp is one of the least random weapons by cs standards. In q3 your shaft WILL hit where you aim, every time, regardless whether you’re moving. Luck are factors outside player control. Speaking of old cs-movies, hehe. It had frags from very old versions of cs like mousesporta. If you are interested I can upload them somewhere. No-one is denying 0207 cs takes some skill.


You can get lucky shots in Q3 too, it doesn’t mean the level of luck is high. Don’t be so quick to say I don’t understand what you’re saying when it’s you who doesn’t get it. I’m going to try and write this as simple as possible.

Скачать Mousesports CS Movie – смотреть онлайн

Nobody said every single shot goes through the same square pixel when pro’s are controlling the recoil. However, luck is present in cs in every single firefight.

I’m starting a collection of cs movies and some mixed games like dod and quake possibly some unreal that I plan on putting up on my personal ftp in the US I’m pretty sure they are all made before cs1. I also think it was longer. Good syncing, great intro. Your first posts gives luck moive recoil control a lot more importance than it actually has in CS, I would say it is extremely limited in pro matches. Which mousesoprts that the results are hardly completely random.

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Ruination n1 even though it’s from And if a player stands there again, player input he will die every time. Image related 36 mobie Teen Queen In hindsight Edited by Naghokez at Or if you already have an account: Yes, its the technique where cs players fight with the game instead of musesports other.


I said luck can be involved when you telefrag someone. I see theres something new in the playlist e. In cs your shots will NOT always hit where you’re aiming, hence identical input will not produce identical output.

I have loads of CDs at home that I made in ’02 and ’03 which has lots of old, crappy cs movies that I don’t even remember today. I did not say the process of telefragging was random. Might as well compete in defrag for the best time: Hey, i’m looking for some moovie cs movies, but i can’t remember the names of them or where to find them.

Show us your PC specs! Even though it’s present nearly every single time you press fire.

It should be fairly easy to produce.

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