I think because Seol-chan was already abandoned twice, he didn’t want to become a burden to his adoptive parents and be abandoned a third time. I felt sorry for Sun Woo for about 2 seconds. What can I say about this monstrosity? Instead, the writers made the right choice and kept it away from the spotlight. I think its realistic that seol chan and sun woo wont get back to the friendship they had. Won’t forget how much I loved watching this. Da Hee, is just WOW! Sorry, this content is not available in your region.

I thought each episode was perfect, and I loved this finale. I had the same thought when I watched that episode: But I prefer singers who use what they have well, rather than the potential of being better. Whatever their stories are, I wish them the best because they are wonderful. I actually like his falsetto. I have to thank you personally, since I had less than zero intention of watching this series I don’t like high school musical shows, in the US or Korea but after reading your first three recaps, I took a peek, and the rest is history. I really enjoyed this drama but the ending not so much.

Which does not mean it’s alright. I goodrama this on the site that can’t be named–because I paid for a subscription to that site before I found this site and learned how e. Which is why he’s always careful and proper with her – seriously my heart goes out to him for mpnstar to live like that his entire life.

I wonder if he trains more, can he get much better? TV Monstar Episode 1. Do Nam might be gruff teddy bear Ajusshi that everyone loves.

Monstar Episode 2 [English Substitles]

Or that may just be my wishful thinking. Lee Joo Yeon Supporting Cast. SeolChan was like a walk in the park for Goordrama. She realizes that she has an interest in social justice. Laya August 5, at Congratulations gummi on another finished recapping project!

Monstar Episode 12 Recap

But his inconsistency drives me batty, and his voice isn’t good enough to make up for it. Am I the only mpnstar that is extremely dissatisfied with the ending?


This drama is one of my favorites right now and the best drama of so far on my own opinion hehe. He appears all grown up on the outside, and because of his mother he has to be gooddraka at least thinks so but seriously, on the inside he is just as much a teenager as the rest of the bunch.

I love this drama…. Thanks for the recap gummimochi! It might seem like a minor thing but I think Seolchan takes it to heart because he’s that scared and scarred from his mother’s first rejection.

All things gooxdrama come to an end as our characters face the music on the hidden pages of their lives. Episde were rejected by both your birth and adoptive parents?

So much more fun that way. To make matters worse, All for One has brought in a sunbae as a power vocal. I actually appreciated the fact that Seol Chan talked about himself when Se Yi was inconsolable. Thanks for sharing that insight. Lee Sung Min Cameo. She lets him choose the song. So much potential wasted.

But she was sticking to him like GLUE. Thanks again, Ms Koala!

Can I interrupt the praise with some dour criticism? Writer-nim please work with a talented writer like yourself or writers from now on. That actually makes a lot of sense, as a story move – but Sun-woo consciously trying to be horrible to Nana AND wristgrabbing Se-yi all over the place probably trying to get her to hate him and tell him to back off, too?

Also because we need more eye candy, we can have a really hot new guy come to the school and fall for Nana, gooddram girl is just too great not to get some loving. Kim Min Young Supporting Cast. Let us not be embarrassed but declare our slightly inappropriate love unabashedly!

I felt as if ajhussi had actually told Se Yi about the accident and episofe and that was the reason she had been crying. Lee Hee Jin Supporting Cast. I’m guessing maybe SW finally realized that he can give up his little boy crush on SY and move on and that maybe he can move on to someone who sees him who he can be and not what he is trying to be.


Monstar – 몬스타 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

However, the show doesn’t wrap up many old ends, but rather leaving them sloppily open in hopes that their resolution “will be left up to the audience”. You should just go and be a scriptwriter already xD. Poor joke, I know, poor joke: However, if I did have kids, they would be right around Junhyung’s age. But then again I never did warm up to Sun-woo, despite my love of Kang Haneul. I was counting on a lot more from a show that started out so creatively. No see-sawing emotions, no heightened expectations begetting freefalling disappointment, it was just a very assuring and easy-to-digest drama from beginning to end.

Surprisingly, that the woman who left him at the orphanage in epi 1 was his adoptive mother. Watch ‘ Monstar ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile gooddrana, optimized for your phone and tablet. Toystar August 6, at Waiting August 6, at Yong Junhyung Main Cast. He hurt so much then, but he realized that he could survive it, because he understood then that god only gives us the challenges that he knows we can weather.

Eun Ha cackles that perhaps their trump card is a really nonstar thing. Can he regain his superstardom? The PD is going through Color Bar members to see who to use for their expose.

The talking removal added a couple of artifacts, but isn’t that bad. He distances himself, let just say.

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