The goal is to turn all the lights to green. You will not, however, receive a trophy or any of the final prizes. It isn’t near the Petpetorium. Awarded to users who participated in the Atlas of the Ancients plot. It probably activates something — maybe the portal the Petpet mentioned, or maybe some kind of doomsday machine. Written by Xepha Errors or incorrect info? The process is somewhat time-sensitive; if you do not click on the worms soon after refreshing the map, you will not collect anything. Not sure if the timing was more important.

Took me several hours of refreshing to get the black and the rainbow. Not sure if the timing was more important. With a now lit lantern, the cave should be bright enough to see in. If you notice your worm in a different place than those shown below, feel free to send in a ticket with the new location or a screenshot, if possible. Login or Register New to Jellyneo? The strange Petpet is hovering near a control panel of some kind. This will place the light into the static are on the circuit board and award you your NC item. Basically everything has been covered there:

This will place the light into the static are on the circuit board and award you your NC item. I’ve been refreshing the page for three days now! Saving Moltara City – Step 8: Until then, check out the Games Master Challenge! Laser Pointer Weapon Prize Day 5: Can anyone down there hear me? The questions we have so far: Before After The next task is to head to the Dark Cavewhich is located to the right of the very back end of the Moltara Caves.


Or, will there be some new faerie quests similar moltarz the Fountain Faerie Quests?

You will receive the Atlas Of the Ancients site themean avatar, and some exclusive items. When the Red Moltite is found, click “Take the moltite! Control Panel The control panel is all red when you first come up to it.

Moltara Portal

There are two options to choose from in order to proceed further into the cave; left or right. The yellow light is the level ploy are on that you have not finished. Thank you for sticking with Jellyneo! I hate the random stuff, no matter how OCD I get about it, there’s nothing I can do to make it happen lol.

Moltara Worm Quest | The Daily Neopets

An Introduction – Step 2: I can’t seem to get the black worm either! Thank you for your contributions!

Will there be a magma paint brush? Plkt newly-discovered world of Moltara is home to a few special varieties of Petpet. O I was too busy refreshing to even notice the NST. The worm placement used to be the same for every user.


Plot: Atlas of the Ancients |

After retrieving the Red Moltite, return to Lampwyck’s Lights Fantastic for a prize to those who completed the quest for their first time. Moltara City On top of the Cog’s Togs shop. These do not change. And hopefully some final plot prizes await.

If not, refresh the page until it appears. Posted December 21, Took me several hours of refreshing to get the black and the rainbow. You may still complete some steps to receive some of the prizes. Please do neopete bump and old topic that has been inactive for over 21 days.

I’m still looking for three more rainbow, orange, black for my second time. Posted December 17, You can view the full list of prizes here. Now There are no active daily alerts.

Tangor’s Workshop

Make sure you’re currently in Moltara City. Unfortunately, it is a bit more tedious than it sounds. Posted December 20, My original workshop is located underground.

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