The show, which drew an average of 1. Lists of British comedy-drama television series episodes Lists of British teen comedy television series episodes Lists of British teen drama television series episodes. In a more mixed review, Robert Epstein of The Independent criticised E4 for relating the programme to its other teen shows: If that was me in high school all the boys would of just made fun of me and laughed. She tells him not to say it if he doesn’t mean it, but he confirms that he doesn’t care if she believes him or not, implying that he does in fact love her. Finn shows up and punches the leader, and makes him apologise. She then tries to return to the psychiatric hospital, where her friend, Tix, reminds her that she has a chance for a new life outside the hospital. Another time, one of the popular guys kept pestering me and had his friend tell me how much he liked me.

Rae prepares for sex by buying lingerie, watching a pornographic movie left in her mother’s VCR, and getting a bikini wax. She asks Rae to stay in her bedroom so her parents think that she is in, leaving Rae alone. Chloe is still missing, Rae’s mother Claire Rushbrook is at the end of her tether with Rae’s persistent nonchalance at her pregnancy and now everyone at college knows she’s got mental health problems after she had a breakdown during a concert she had been forced to take part in. When out with the boys, Chop takes out Oasis T-shirts that he has got printed for everyone, with Rae’s saying “Raemundo” on the back. Are you still looking for this? After Chloe tells Rae to stay away from her and her friends at the reception, Rae decides to give a speech and finally reveals the truth about herself. Rae has been skipping college ever since she pulled the alarm and is eventually found out by her mother. Finn refuses to let Rae dump him and insists that he loves her.

She convinces him to go in and agrees to swim if he does. When she does, she is shocked to find out that he is secretly gay. Loved Rae’s vision of running Chloe over with the car. In the end, being a teenager is no easy feat.


Kester encourages Rae to open up about what triggered her self-harm, but she refuses when Kester won’t tell her anything about his mmvd.

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However, Finn shows Rae a secluded, romantic spot where they can have sex and she is reassured. She leaves a note for Chloe’s parents to tell them where Chloe is.

February 19th, In the confusion, Rae ditches school sereis. I watched the entire series today and omg I just can’t, I have a lot of feels. Does anyone know where I can get the track lists for this show?!?

~ ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ series finale – Guardian review – Oh No They Didn’t! Page 4

The best new TV comedies of July-September. The next day, Archie tells Rae that his parents took the news well, but is disheartened when he is kicked off the football team. Fibale and Liam wake up together after having sex and she leaves him to go to Chloe’s house.

He convinces her to go to the rave where she gets drunk and takes drugs. Rae and Chloe have an argument over Chloe not supporting Rae after Saul’s attack and they call their friendship off.

In Novemberit was announced that a final three-episode third mmfr would be made, set in Lists of British comedy-drama television series episodes Lists of British teen comedy television series episodes Lists of British seriex drama television series episodes.

Finn arrives at the pub, and asks Rae if they can go somewhere and talk about their relationship. Rae finds Chloe’s diary and takes it, becoming livid when she reads Chloe’s version of their friendship that portrays Rae in a bad light. Liam storms off and Rae follows him outside. On 26 November Sharon Rooney confirmed on Twitter that funale would be more episodes. She goes to the pub, where she finds them.

Views Read Edit View history. Finn invites Rae over for an “exclusive sleepover” where they can finally have sex. Rae and Liam have grown a lot closer during their time in group therapy together, causing his girlfriend Amy to become jealous and threaten Rae. After Chloe tells Rae to stay away from her and her friends at the reception, Rae decides to give a speech and finally reveals the truth about herself. This guy had a girlfriend and all the girls were into him. Chloe is the lead in the singing group but goes missing before the performance, meaning that Rae has to take her place.


Rae agrees to attend serirs therapy to cope with her loss. It eventually leads to her mother slapping her and Rae leaving and going to Finn’s house. The best new TV comedies of April-June.

Derry Girls series 2 premiere date confirmed. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now.

My Mad Fat Diary: It remains to be one of the most significantly relatable shows on television at the moment, proving that teenage problems haven’t changed at all in the last couple of decades – boys, girls, parents, best friends and sex are still the biggest obstacles a 16 to year-old will face and when any of those go wrong, it will always feel like the end of the world.

Archie and Rae opt sdries leave their troubles behind and get out of Lincolnshire before Friday.

My Mad Fat Diary finale: Viewers bereft as E4 teen drama comes to an end

The second series started on 17 February and ended on 31 Marchwith each episode posted on 4oD a week prior to the television release. She bumps into Liam who offers to share his chips with her and she happily accepts.

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The comparison is weird.

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