This is something to look out for. Like you said, it’s her blog and she’ll do what she wants. Thank you so much, JB! Sign In Sign Up. Mom arrives home that night, disappointed that her daughters have forgotten her birthday. I’m glad to see he finally lands the main lead. And of course I want ice cream too Also thanks all for the updates, videos and subs and congratulation for the cast and all of us for the good reviews and ratings.

Download the latest version here. I also like the dynamic between Yutaka and Miri being that she is the damaged one, and he is the “pure,untainted, innocent” one. Well, I don’t understand why you don’t understand. I think i don’t understand. I saw her pain and her determination and her sense of hope, but I am also afraid what she is capable of doing. I want a subtle music to make me feel a particular scene.

So looking forward into Kahg-jae being “remodeled into a human”, as RP’s Park-ha puts it. I’m off to watching the episodes with subs!

I love the Gun-hee and Kang-jae interactions. These veteran actors create a dramxcrazy backing, increasing the well-roundedness of the drama.

The leads doesn’t even talk She doesn’t object because we both agree that it feels like we are both the same age when we think of each other. I need tea and a drama.

Peeps April 3, at 8: It’s a pearl of melancoly, naturalism, poetry, cinematography and acting, yoona is very good, the chemistry between the lead is palpable. You really see him pace himself.


Miss Ripley – Ep 1-6

I am so happy for Lee Kyu Han who is out of secondary character limbo. Drama all the way: And I’m still mad at the way her character was phased out of Miss Ripley last year – what a waste of a episore actress.

Thanks for the recap JB. I was just supposed to state that I agreed with your thinking method, but I found myself a paragraph in.

The moment she took off that red wig waving good bye to her friend, I felt for this young woman. Alright, I like how Hee Joo is full of smiles and all but i hope it will lessen in the coming episodes because she looks too happy for me. But the fight saps out of her as she sinks to the ground, tired now: By winkme Started September 16, I was scared you wouldn’t recap this.

Wow, that actor – I watched a lot of his dramas and he was always the cowardly 2nd lead. I literally just watched episode one. I obliged myself to watch cause i was a YSH fan, and managed to finish each episode in two minutes, just to learn how to compose a good scenery shot, and did not find myself missing out in anything story wise.


By 0ly40 Started September 14, Superb acting from LDH after she was abused in that office, scared, trembling, crying, disgusted, frustrated in that washroom.

She rolls her eyes at his pompous lecture and vows to kill him, someday. I didn’t really like tvN’s adult targeted dramas.

Miss Ripley – Ep | Candy for the Ears

That little Miri, this girl is super! Last night’s episode was really dialogue-driven so the subs were very important.

The only non-rude way to accept the gift is to say ‘thank you’ and quietly stick it in a closet once they leave, if it’s not a gift we like. Omo, now im wondering where can i get her clothes. You’ll recap this show.

Kdrama gossips: Wearing wig, Lee Da Hae appearing on Miss ripley, a new Korean drama

Might better if you understand the subs in chinese. Thanks for the recaps, this is going to be a hoot. Yes, for all the work they do, they don’t need this kind of criticism. But what is better that watching something you didn’t expect.

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