Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed this super video! Today we invisible trap troll some people on the server! The HL2 series Try and describe it in five words. I think G-Man is far more complicated than good and bad. Will Alyx and Gordon get together? Lizardman, Lizardman, and uh, Lizardman.

Mosty because the airboat sections were the best driving scenes. I even remember playing the first Pokemon games on my original GameBoy, which I unfortunately lost. Very simple methods, Hope you guys enjoyed. Both please, followed by a generous portion of Black Forest Gateau. Barney, hes mah bro and owes me a beer. Subscribe to me – bit.

Maybe HL2 haedfight out on top just for feeling like it was an actual Ending. It was a pretty cool game, and the sequel was pretty awesome as well. I think I beat Half-Life 2 in a day, then the next day played the episodes. PC gamer with a love of modelling, both plastic and virtual. Strider Mountain is a very satisfying adventure and you get to see striders made to.

Pvp Hardfight Ep#3 | Serveur Faction | Pvp en P4 Cobalt !

Today we invisible trap troll some people on the server! Black Mesa, more potential for anything to happen.

Good writing dictates maintaining the tension between the two, as has been done in many series. I digress, this is a respectable website. Me and Alyx getting together? You know too much already. I bought the orange box for Portal, because it was only a few pounds more than Portal on its own, and when I first played Half-Life 2 I hated it.


Only a few years. I even remember playing the first Pokemon games on my original GameBoy, which I unfortunately lost. Depends on the circumstances… What am I saving them from? Portals, puzzles, and dark humor. And shot at by every thing and every combine soldier available! One of them there watermelons you can whack in half with a crowbar.

Its fully amphibious, armed and jumps like its from Hazard County! I Specialize in PVP Started with dos and first console was Master system.

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Which HL game has the best beginning and why? Plus I heard their meatloaf is pretty good! Favorite HL game is probably EP2, it was way too short for my liking, but I felt that they chose some good enemies and some interesting settings for us to fight in.

Well formatted comments are much easier to read. So many ideas, I seriously need to get them down into a concrete form.

HL2 got you right into the world and rewarded a curious player with little details. Besides, he still owes me that beer. About four epispde five hours on that mountain!


So title says it all trapped Sammieplays and 1 other faction member in my sand fall trap. Jenkins Tell us a little about yourself. I will get it. Love that beast, I always saved ammo with the magnum and never ended up using it.

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All driving moments in the Hardfigh, buggy and airboat. I do a factions lets play Thankfully the PC has surpassed the Amiga tenfold by now….

Buggy has that tau cannon upgrade and I liked being able to shoot things with it. Not to mention the actual physics and puzzles involved.

HL2 cause its long to play also I love HL1 is basic and lovely nostalgic when u look back… Try and describe it in five words. And not only because it has nostalgia value. Bob Tell us a little about yourself.

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