Searching for flowers Talking about the worst dates he’s had. Lassie, Timmy is stuck in the well! Let’s go for a walk”. PSJ comments that Vechs is “softening up” because of her. Gathering leather Making an enchanting setup. Worst Game and Best games”.

Etho feels really bad and repeatedly apologizes while attacking Kurt in Season 8, but it doesn’t make the battle any less harsh. In June , BTC deleted over of his older videos, [14] stating he would like to increase the quality of his YouTube channel to appeal to new viewers. Submit a new link. BTC removed these videos from his channel. Zisteau has three; “Bad Ideas clean ” by Kevin Macleod for his Mindcrack season 3 videos, “Bits with Byte” by 8 Bit Weapon for his season 4 videos, and “If you don’t know what to do just steal the amen break” by C for his season 5 videos. Curing zombie villagers Moving them to his house. Searching for flowers Talking about the worst dates he’s had. Aurelian is this to Vechs.

I think we all expected it to happen at some point: Clearing out space for, and starting to construct, his farms.

The Mindcrack Server provides examples of:

He Knows Too Much: Enchanted a golden helmet in hopes of getting respiration 3 Modified his zombie spawner Made a deal with Anderz for him to kill Adlington and Anderz would pay him one diamond. No self-promotion, personal info, or adult content. The wolf pack has been named “Guude’s Army. Securing a zombie spawner near his base Starting to burn down some of the forrest Discussing plans for his build.

No spoilers in post titles.

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Keep group events to a single post. Cool and Unusual Punishment: It wasn’t, however, seasob for them to win. The Elder Scrolls V: From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki. Paul blew up GenerikB’s RV. I keep the same volume setting for pretty much all the YouTubers and it works fine, but whenever I watch Nebris I have to turn it way up.


Finishing the End franchise of the Royal Chicken. Going into the Nether and touring Avidya’s expansion of their tunnel, connecting their base to the Nether hub Spontaneously touring adlingtont ‘s castle Clearing land in preparation for making vtc foodstuff harvesters. He sounds better on his videos but I think he’s still quiet in those.

Mindcrack Server (Lets Play) – TV Tropes

See the Season 3 final server tour. Heart of the Swarm.

Searching for a spot to build a house Talking about MineCon. Grand Theft Auto V. See Entering the Nether. People requesting to join the server. Submit a new text post. Reworking the design for an automatic cow harvester Talking about Star Trek: Who wants a donut”. Discussing his work on his Nether track Caving and collecting trees. These guys might need a conch though.

Decorating and organizing their house Discussing armor and tools breaking quickly. Please use the talk page for contact. After Team Canada takes advantage of Zisteau ‘s Super Ocd in their prank, he completely remakes Pause’s nether track, changing it from a boring tunnel into a huge line with a rainbow and 8 Zisteau Faces.

As the author of the Super Hostile series, Vechs plays himself up to be one, though mostly goes for an Evil Overlord approach. And the first person to be outside of the worldborder if only for less than a second is Pranking PSJ with floating sand trick”. How many members of the server view Team Canada. Retrieved from ” http: Vanilla Server Season 3.


BlameTC – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

Working on the facade and the apartments above the flower shop. Vanilla Server Season 4. Noah and his children. More stories about the “hold under” period of his Army basic training including the combat gardener, alcohol, race in the military and Shree’s rant video Working on his floor. Down to mindcrafk Last Play: Why I don’t drink”. Showing the identifying signage he’s added to spawn and the Nether Hub Showing the secret message he’s added at spawn.

After pranking Guude, Zisteau was planning to retire from the prank wars, but Team Canada decided to give him a retirement gift.

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki. Caving in a ravine Talking about his map the Minotaur. Lassie, Timmy is stuck in the well! Added horses and pens to the Dotharki camp Completes more of Calisi’s tents. Laying out more farms Setting up a cobblestone generator. Beginning of Season 4 Recorded mindcraco footage Exploring, gathering resources and trying to stay alive Caving.

PvP at Beef’s place”. But still, not everyone can join. Once the Wither s die s though Had completed most of the Dothraki camp off-camera Added sesson touches on the Dohraki camp before opening the horse breeding service.

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