Raped on a Date. Phil February 25, , 2: Rabbi David HaLevi Segal, the 17th-century Polish scholar who authored the Taz short for Turei Zahav, a major work on the Shulchan Aruch , wrote that if a woman did eat meat, she should still go to the mikveh. Gefilte Fish May 4, , How would she know where we were, anyway? Double M April 25, , May 4, , 5:

Mikvah is a noun. Are there any other ways to mitigate the difficulties of going to the mikveh Friday night, for example, going Friday before nightfall instead? This would seem to be a practical solution. Recent Comments liga88 on Is orthodox Judaism sexist? HotB April 26, , 7: Raped on a Date Advice February 24, Sure sign the economy is going downhill fast.

Tevy May 5, How could she know? Take a dunk, count to three And get ready for tonight For tonight is Mikvah Night It feels like Ecstasy, all through the night Pour cojedy shnaps, throw the petals Girl Ill give you everything Candles smell like besamim I want to hold your hand Girl you know what I mean.

Makeup At The Mikveh

Better yet, bring it to your rabbi and nifht Frum Satire put on cherem. Sure sign the economy is going downhill fast. Puah frequently receives requests mikvha ideas about dealing with such a situation. Frum Satire May 4,3: This is the way men are. There are some relevant halachot related to using a brush, using toothpaste, and ensuring that the gums do not bleed.

This is a greatly contested halachic psak and anyone wanting to rely on this must get personal permission from a rabbi. Recent Comments liga88 on Is orthodox Judaism sexist?


Keep it up, bro! The Gemara discusses whether there is a mitzvah to go to the mikveh at the proper time.

However, the issue is more complex than it seems. May 4,6: Far Mikvay and its sexual tension. Munichlove May 4, Raped on a Date. The Rema adds that this must be on condition that she hides the fact that she went to the nigut from comedu husband until nightfall. Baby tonight, it just fits Hope for kid number six Though we cannot have passion Anything that you ask I will give you a happy Mikvah Night, your night. This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis.

How does this come into play when a woman needs to go to the mikveh on Friday night? Shadchans, bar your doors, every girl out there will want a piece of that hotness now.

Heshy, you are, as always, hilarious and nuts at the same time. Women often go to great lengths, traveling considerable distances and changing plans, in order to go to the mikveh.

Eti May 3, Another possibility raised by Rabbi Sheps is for the woman to wear special makeup that does not wash away in the water. First of all, not everyone likes music to set the mood. Raped on a Date Advice February 24, This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. Please enter your comment!

The Shach ad loc. Nifht — hook me up with a girl — all I need is one. Bsamim Smoker May 6, According to this verdict, this would be mkvah for any Shabbat, and especially when the woman would like to make herself up so as not to publicize the fact that she went to the mikveh.


LilMissGer May 5, Edens May 4,5: Nothing sexual about sushi, ok maybe just the smell…. For specific questions, please ask your posek or physician. Its no doubt you cant find anyone o marry you. Moshe April 26, The first, most logical, possibility is to postpone going to the mikveh until after Shabbat in order to save face. Please enter your name here. He then mentions the custom for women not to eat meat on the day of going to the mikveh, since it is easily possible for some meat to remain between her teeth, even if the teeth are cleaned.

Is there anyway I can go to the Mikvah then have sex with my boyfriend?

Mikvah Night Song

However, later the Shulchan Aruch ibid. This is different from ink which is tangible and therefore would be considered an obstacle. Going to the mikveh on Friday night creates a circumstance that requires more preparation and planning than usual, especially if there are young children at home and the husband needs to attend nigght services. In addition, color is not tangible—it is totally absorbed into the body or the hair.

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