You can see them here. Kirk, Spock – Complete. With the team just as baffled and trying to find a missing Reid, it becomes a nightmare they all feared, an unsub targeting them. The Biggest Deal In Entertainment. As the sun sets on the icy plains, Merlin finds himself locked in a battle unlike any he has fought before; a battle with fate itself. Will it be love in the air for Arthur for Merlin?

However, during all the forest scenes he can be seen riding a dark brown one. This was tough, this dying. Based on episode 5×01 Nameless, Faceless. Constructive reviews welcome, no flames please. For the first time in his life, Mordred wondered if he had been wrong, if Merlin wasn’t a failure, but just someone desperately lonely, crushed by destiny and yet trying to play his part. Morgana’s angry at the world. All Morgan and Reid wanted after Canada was to hold each other. But, if you’d like, here they are.

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Nonslash, contains torture and Gratuitous bromance Merlin – Rated: The promo gives me all sorts of feelings. Will sparks fly or will she be too embarrassed to do anything? T – English – Family – Chapters: Reid is haunted by the trauma that he has been through and merliin trying to get back to the man he used to be, the man he wants qatch be.

Embed this content in your HTML. Merlin notices that Arthur is suffering from the cold and decides to try and lessen his suffering. Can the team find him in time?


Merlin Season 1 Episode 11 – “The Labyrinth of Gedref”

Sequel to Reality TV. Bookmarked by gaybabe 02 Apr Public Bookmark.

SLASH, read warning on chapter one. I Will Not Break by cr8zymommy reviews What happens when the whole team is kidnapped and forced to play an Unsub’s sick game? Bookmarked by ariesofalice 21 Dec Public Bookmark. Dean always thought when he died it would be quick, in the heat of battle, in a blaze of glory.

Forbidden Feelings by littleshyangel reviews With a secret to keep and a reputation to uphold, it’s going to be difficult to qatch under the same roof for Arthur and Merlin. Also known as the time when I got so tired of the show’s attempt at humor in the later episodes.

Bookmarked by starsandsolace 08 Nov Public Bookmark. They must travel together, with different agendas, across the continent in order to find it.

When Arthur and the knights are in the courtyard ready to depart to the White Mountains for the first time, Mordred can be seen sitting on his horse, then standing up beside it, then up on it again. I wish we had gotten a departing scene with Arthur and Gwen Already in the first episode there is betrayal and treason! I think I’ve discovered the answer.

When Reid begins seeing a familiar face from his past everywhere, is he going crazy as he thinks- or are the figures from his past really back?


A year has passed when a case brings Morgan and Reid to work together. The one bright spot in the episode was Guinevere. Now that his friends think him dead Merlin cannot return to Camelot without Morgana coming after him, so he must find a new way to protect his friend and his prince.

They’re random, in all categories and genres, and ranging in size sometimes from words to maybe a couple thousand, who knows.

Joinedid: The second time that the knights depart a white horse is among the party, never to be seen later on. I would do anything for you.

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Too Far by DancingLilies Fandoms: Ask Katie a question! It’s a place where every young knight is taught to dread and many have met their end there. So close Cant wait to see the premier. But, if you’d like, here they are. Without really saying it. A little magic might not even be able to save them. Bookmarked by Starryeyedgirl12 25 Mar Wahch Bookmark.

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