Nov 8, 3, I’m not sure if this is better for Gaming or Off-Topic, as it’s by a gaming-centric group occasionally featuring some gaming industry people, but mods move it wherever appropriate. It’s the best video-game podcast on the internet. Dec 5, 93 0 0 Toronto. How fast is Twitch dropping the ban hammer when Rocco drinks his piss? Hasney Member Dec 18, Apr 13, 1, 1 0.

The Mega64Boiz have promised that this ChristmasCast would return to normalcy. It’s not Christmas without it. I’m already in tears. For once it was toned down a bit. WilltheMagicAsian Member Dec 18, I just realized the game awards didn’t have a Mega 64 segment this year. Apr 6, 1, 0 0. The egg already had me in disgust.

It’s not Christmas without it. Garrett is the real champ. Oct 26, 11, Arkeband Banned Dec 19, Oct 25, 4, Canada. Always enjoyed their podcasts, but their ChristmasCasts have always been my favorite. It’s about to go live, meya64 2 1 fuck it. Oct 27, 3, Canada. How fast is Twitch dropping the ban hammer when Rocco drinks his piss?


Mega64 ChristmasCast |OT| The Last Supper | NeoGAF

Acst fucking shit they might as well end this right now. I also hope someone can freak Rocco out again like how Mariel did with the grasshoppers last year.

All glory to mega How will Kevin ruin everything tonight? Jun 6, 98, 0 1, Jun 3, 42 Aug 21, 1, 0 0. You must log in or register to reply here.

Garrett was hysterical, with some more stringent rules he would have won. I’m already in tears.

You should check out their latest podcast, Thought this was brilliant: NinjaCoachZ Member Dec 19, This is legendary even by Christmascast standards. JustinBB7 Member Dec 18, Very excited for tonight.

Chat’s a little concerned with the rules Twitch has for ‘social eating’ which is what Mega64 is streaming under as a joke. Oct 25, 2, Mar 19, 8, 0 0 Toronto, Ontario, Canada www.

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D-Man Member Dec 18, IgotElbows Member Dec 18, Nice This is my annual Christmas tradition for me. Fillipino duck egg still the most barfy food so far.


Ah, the one podcast of theirs I skip every year uighlights it gets too weird and gross. The egg already had me in disgust.

Mega64 ChristmasCast |OT| You Can (Not) Sup

Haven’t watched the podcast for a couple years but I always tune in for the christmascast its good fun. Nov 8, 3, Mgea64 and raw meat the somebody is going to die tonightcast.

Big Wazu Member Dec 19, So ready for this tonight.

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