Finds contour that is closest to a point. Here is a nice tutorial. After a bit of search on the internet, i’ve found an example that almost works: Indexes of contour levels to consider when looking for nearest point. Last updated on Nov 11, It seems from the examples this is true Any help understanding this would be appreciated. Use the animation module.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. If True the underlying contour is removed where the label is placed. We initialize the list with the starting value. The first line of the function gets rid of existing contours before plotting new ones. What I have done is to create a new contour plot each time, and to hide the old one I do cont. The use of sin and sinc functions simply makes attractive curves and plots. A more surgical approach is to only remove the artists involved in the drawing the contours: Optional list of all the polygon vertex kinds code types , as described and used in Path.

For an animation, avoid having to redraw the colorbar at all; and don’t use the pyplot colorbar command, use the Figure.

If transform is None defaultx, y is in data coordinates; if transform is False, x, y is in display coordinates; otherwise, the specified transform will be used to translate x, y into display coordinates. This also works in Rehman Ali’s example; instead of clearing the entire figure with clf the value returned by contourf is saved and used in the next iteration.

Do I need to use figure inside of wx widgets or other windowing toolkit? Vijay Murthy Vijay Murthy 7.

This computes actual onscreen label width. Qina Yan Qina Yan 5 4. This is the line: Don’t leave creation of its axes to the colorbar method itself more than once, because it will always create a new one.


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If a tuple of animatioh color args string, float, rgb, etcdifferent labels will be plotted in different colors in the order specified. Return a list cojtour artists and labels suitable for passing through to plt.

The frames argument is needed only if the animation is to be exported. Here are examples of steps four and five for the most common types of plots. After a bit of search on the internet, i’ve found an example that almost works: Reading other threads I tried the clf command but the makes the animation kludgy and it has to reshrink all of the graphs and such.

Animate contour plot and color bar. For my program I have been trying to animate a contour plot, the color bar, and a subtitle mxtplotlib what time step it is.

Matplotlib animations the easy way

Does not hurt you to often in the animation anyway. How can I make an animation with contourf? Anyhow, I just thought to post it, as it combines several ideas I found on stack overflow which I just to come up with this working example. Draw contour lines or filled regions, depending on whether keyword arg filled is False default or True.

Set the alpha blending value for all ContourSet artists. List[str] A list of the labels. It seems from the examples this is true Any help understanding this would be appreciated. Below is a block of code in python3 that reproduces my problems:. Keyword arguments are as described in the docstring of contour. Note that we can only do this in Python 3, where print is an actual function. It is pretty self-explanatory, so hopefully it becomes clear what happens.


python – How can I make an animation with contourf()? – Stack Overflow

If you are like me and the matplotlib. Below the full code to animate a number of subplots of random data. Don’t forget to set blit as False. In matplotlin of the tutorials, such as this one https: List of all the polygon segments for all the levels. I have been looking at this a while ago. The method we use first is Newton-CGand set the callback simply as print.

Anton Menshov 4, 2 16 Size in points or relative size e. Anybody with suggestions to improve the code, please shoot- import matplotlib. I have gotten the graph to write over itself but cannot get it clear the screen properly. If Truecontour labels will be placed manually animatioh mouse clicks. They are intended for interactive use, not for programmed animation.

Francis Yee Francis Yee 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Changing labels and text ax. This function calculates the appropriate label rotation given the linecontour coordinates in screen units, the index of the label location and the label width.

Animate contour plot and color bar

The axes matplotlig in which the contours are drawn. Labels are plotted at a location with the smallest deviation of the contour from a straight line unless there is another label nearby, in which case the next best place on the contour is picked up.

The following list comprehension will give you all the potential set methods for, say, a line object. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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