When the skeleton of his murdered predecessor is found, Sheriff Sam Deeds unearths many other long-buried secrets in his Texas border town. That’s all you get to know about the enemy. Vendor spaces are free on a first come, first serve basis. Coal miners, struggling to form a union, are up against company operators and the gun thugs of the notorious Baldwin-Felts detective agency. As guards left town, they argued with town police chief Sid Hatfield and Mayor Testerman. The wounded mayor was dying, and four other bystanders had been wounded. Fifty plaques and 40 trophies are awarded to car show participants as well as eleven special awards. It was a modern steam locomotive built in the ‘s and thus would not have existed at the time of the events depicted in “Matewan.

In another version of the story, Hatfield initiated the violence, either by giving a signal to armed miners stationed around the town or by firing the first shot himself. Museum board member Catherine Moore says the money will be used to hire a staff person to run the museum and plan the Battle of Blair Mountain Centennial Celebration. Although police chief Hatfield was celebrated as a hero by the mining community after the shootout, and even starred in a movie for the UMWA, he was a villain to T. For workers, it was a fight for their rights as humans. Cabell Testerman Gary McCleery Screening of Matewan film at the LaBelle Theater. The battle only stopped when federal troops arrived on the order of President Warren Harding.

“Matewan” Mine Wars Film Screened in W.Va. for 30th Anniversary

Rrama annual fun-filled festival celebrates the area’s Hatfield-McCoy history with live music, a tug of war across the river, narrated tours, re-enactments, exhibits, food, crafts, and more! After an accident leaves her a paraplegic, a former soap opera star struggles to recover both emotionally and mentally, until she meets her newest nurse, who has struggles of her own.

Would be lovely to sit outside one nice summer evening and chill out with the river running beside you. The coal operators hired them to natewan the miners and their families from the company owned houses. In past years, gates opened nightly at 6: Both refused to succumb to the company’s plans, and sided with the miners.


For capitalists, it was a battle for profit—and against what they saw as Bolshevik communism. In response to the assassination, an army of miners 10, strong began a full-on assault against the coal company and the mine guards.

Should be the responsibility of the state and the school system as well. This is a worker! In one successful protest,UMWA went on strike nationwide insecuring higher wages and better working conditions.

Less than a month later, miners from the state gathered in Charleston. I think we found real commonality and real solidarity. Baby It’s You After the detective and mayor fell wounded, Sid kept firing, but Felts escaped.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Whether the men also came in anticipation of taking action against the Baldwin-Felts agents is a matter of debate. Writer and director John Sayles. On Disc at Amazon. The wounded mayor was dying, and four other bystanders had been wounded.

The Coal Mining Massacre America Forgot | History | Smithsonian

The mayor at the time was Cabell Testermanand the chief of police was Sid Hatfield. But despite the setbacks, retired miner Danny Whitt still believes in what the union represents. When the skeleton of his murdered predecessor is found, Sheriff Sam Deeds unearths many other long-buried secrets in his Texas border town.

When he witnesses the murder of his shady brother, he, the woman and the kid run to the wilderness. Sayles chose to shoot the film in a tiny West Virginia town, nearly a ghost town, called Thurmond, where train tracks line the only street deep in the gorge carved by the mighty New River.

Retrieved from ” https: If you are shooting days you have to budget time carefully. You think this man is the enemy?

Battle of Matewan

During this period, miners worked long hours in unsafe and dismal working conditions, while being paid low wages. That’s all you get to know about the enemy. Carnival rides, pageants, food and entertainment attract visitors from across the state. The problems persisted for decades and only began to improve once Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed the National Industrial Recovery Act in Stories vary as to who actually fired the first shot.


City of Hope Edit Did You Know? None of the 19 men indicted were convicted. Tom Felts, the last remaining Felts brother, sent undercover operatives to collect evidence to convict Sid Hatfield and his men. Now they have lawyers to fight against them in bankruptcy courts. Photo of the Day. Sincethe Magnolia Fair has been an annual celebration for Matewan.

Upon inspection, Matewan mayor Cabell Testerman claimed it was fraudulent. The museum will be closed for the winter and will reopen again next April.

Tom Griggs Bob Gunton Three months later, the conflict in the West Virginia coal town had escalated to the point where martial law was declared and federal troops had to intervene. Coat of arms Flag Motto Seal. After the screening, Dixon and 19 other union members presented director John Sayles with a certificate, making him an honorary member of the UMWA Localbecause they said his film told their story, and the story of their ancestors.

Local drama group performs Matewan Massacre | EKB-TV | | Pikeville, KY

Comment on this Story. Click here to see if you are ready! As wealth consolidated after the war, says historian Rebecca Bailey, the author of Matewan Before the Massacreunions found themselves in the crosshairs. Unbeknownst to the detectives, they had been mawsacre by armed miners, who watched intently from the windows, doorways, and roofs of the businesses that lined Mate Street.

The two sides came to a head in the conflict in Matewan.

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