Yusef starts a relationship with Denise. A source said that the whole day turns into a disaster. But being burnt in that fire is what they both have in common – and that experience connects them so deeply. It is revealed they were husband and wife from an arranged marriage when Yusef was 17, [1] and Yusef’s family had poured oil on her and set her on fire. Yusef goes on to explain that he knew it was wrong the minute he lit the match, and that he ran into the house to save her. Archived from the original on 21 January

Syed causes the family lose the restaurant because he has not paid the mortgage, and Masood finds out that Zainab took the money so asks her to leave because she promised never to lie after Yusef. Yusef turns nasty, suggesting Zainab should give Kamil to Masood, as he sees him as an outcast. Nitin and I play tense scenes together so it’s nice that we can have a laugh afterwards. And I’m so grateful for the special bond with our audience who watch, care and talk to us every day. I will always be thankful to EastEnders and if they asked me to, I would absolutely go back for a bit. She is the wife of Masood Ahmed Nitin Ganatra , who divorces her, and of Yusef Khan Ace Bhatti , who she remarries after a divorce decades earlier, and who abuses her. I’ve known Ace for a long time and we’re good friends.

For the village in Iran, see Yusef Khan, Iran. Eventually, he and Kamil leave Walford and fly over to Pakistan so that Kamil can be with his mother in her time of need. Zainab slaps Yusef after he says Kamil will be an outcast to him but Yusef slaps Zainab back.

It’s not clear if their marriage will survive Yusef’s meddling. He starts to confine her to the house uses Zainab’s son Kamil to control her.

EastEnders spoilers: Zainab Masood for shock return following Shabnam’s exit?

Lee Salisbury; Executive Producer: Bhatti was already known to EastEnders executive producer Bryan Kirkwood when he auditioned for the part, as Kirkwood and Bhatti worked on Coronation Street at the same time. The show’s producer Lorraine Newman stated that “For eastendets past five years Nina has brought to life the wonderful Zainab—the formidable, fun-loving, opinionated, fiercely competitive matriarch.


But both Ace and I have found it hard to do.

BBC Three’s repeat of the episode later secured k viewers at 10pm. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter.

Zainab arrives as the owner of Walford’s Wastenders Office, [2] clashing with employee Denise Wicks Diane Parish immediately, though they later become friends.

Archived from the original on 21 January Retrieved 24 May So if it gives anyone the strength to leave a relationship like that, we’ll have done our job. She is totally in his power.

stotyline We are very sad to be losing Nina and wish her well in ventures new. They didn’t want me to go. They later make plans to get married. Zainab takes money from Kamil and Tamwar’s trust funds to lend to Syed for his debts.

Zainab says she has always loved Masood over their marriage, but admits to her to sins. Retrieved 22 May Yusef continues to manipulate Zainab and ply her with pills, but she says she wishes to stop taking them, so Yusef crushes up a bottle of pills and conceals them in Zainab’s food. Retrieved 22 December Wadia told Inside Soap: During the visit, it emerges that Yusef told Bushra’s family that Zainab had a nervous breakdownwhich is why he needed to have Kamil looked after.

Yusef then tries zianab encourage Zainab to move to Pakistan, and recruits Amira to manipulate Syed with the same idea.

Afia discovers that Yusef did start the blaze that burned Zainab in Eastenvers she demands he either tell Zainab the truth, or she will. When Zainab and Yusef attend an event together, people assume eastendeers are married and Zainab does not correct them. Concerned that he himself is causing Zainab’s worries, Masood divorces Zainab by saying the triple talaq. Rob Gittins 26 September Zainab also makes cameo appearances in the Internet spin-off series EastEnders: Zainab and Masood have been married for 28 years and they’re mad about each other – for someone to come and destroy that slightly, it’s exciting.

Zainab was strong and not naive, but a woman is vulnerable if the man hits the right psychological weak spots. It’s been really, really good to work with Diane Parish as Masood doesn’t often get to mix with the other characters.


EastEnders Spoilers: Zainab Masood for shock return following Shabnam’s exit? | Metro News

storylnie We have taken great care in portraying this sensitive storyline and we always ensure that our episodes are suitable for the timeslot in which they are shown” [28]. Masood threatens to pour petrol over Yusef, though it is only water and leaves him unharmed. Yusef is wrongly accused of having an affair with Zainab, due to his sister-in-law overhearing them speaking.

Because I’m quite a new mum in real life, to have to have kids at work as well also made me tear up! Nitin and I play tense scenes together so it’s nice that we can have eastendsrs laugh afterwards. Retrieved from ” https: I asked to be killed off, because I wanted a big story end.

Retrieved 2 January Wadia said to Inside Soap: Bhatti hinted that perhaps women love the character, but xnd prefer trainers and jeans to smart suits.

Eastenders’ domestic abuse Christmas storyline

There is a great tradition at EastEnders of captivating Christmas Day storylines and this year is no different. He leaves everything to Zainab in his will. Lists of characters By year: On the EastEnders website, Yusef is described as calm, collected, strong-willed, mysterious, loyal to Afia and regretful of his past. Retrieved 19 December Tamwar dates Afia and when Yusef is introduced to Tamwar’s parents Masood and Zainab, Masood “explodes” with anger at the sight of him, [12] recognising him as a man from their past.

Zainab’s confidence has been steadily eroded. But Yusef will get his own back. Santer also said that she will be the new battle-axe on the show replacing Pauline Fowler — the “Asian” matriarch of the Square. An EastEnders spokesperson has commented: Zainab’s confidence has been steadily eroded.

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