How we overcome from this all only we know.. She held the staff at arm’s length and concentrated until a thin line of fire leapt from the wood and burst against the gate. It has everything love pain Betrayl moms love friendship relationship and everything that has in normal life. Yes she makes him sleep.. This is the only one story where instead kf feeling as fiction I felt like its real one. She to Anjali who looking at him.

Usha get happy somewhere after sometime later Anjali wakes up, and she finds herself somewhere else she went down and running.. I was waiting, very close; and I seized him by the harness and lifted him over my head; then I commenced to whirl with him. At night kids sleeping peacefully twinkle combing her hair Kunj come and hug her.. Seriously u hve portrayed each and everything very well.. Twinjsidminfan 22nd Jul – They sit in car and left for house.

Kunj see her face and get shocked like anything.

Yaar you are bad. Kunj make her sit.

Naman and Rishi come and drenched in cake Yuvi fully. I just loved it. While reading this story I cried, laughed smiled and also hated some of character but you know it will be always special. Twinkle starter fighting with kunj. And make him wear clothes kunj changed Ansh and Aayat dress. Sana 27th Jul – 6: Kunj get up and took him he went out. He cupped her face tears coming from usha eyes and kunj like shower.


She let go, throwing herself clear, mslka for her knife. They sit in car and left for house.

Lagay na jia Episode in High Quality 31st May – NS Serials

Flash back Anjali and om went for eepisode out their niki come and stabbed knife in om stomach Anjali was shocked. MAA… for this i was waiting. OK bye Take care. Every bond was amazing. His cute little family his Nani maa Anjali and most importantly twinkle and his kids everything remained perfect.

Papa dadiiii… Usha run from 1104 while Kunj too behind her. Arey what happened tell me. Yashika 23rd Jul – 2: If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness.

Pakistani Tv Dramas: Masi Aur Malka

Seriously u hve portrayed each and everything very well. Just than they heard Arsh voice both break their each still closer both laugh out together. Ansh and Aayat get tried Arsh see twinkle he throws his milk bottle everyone sees it and make omg face he rushed towards his mother.

Kunj come in room and see his wife who looking hell hot. There were so many wonderful bonds in this FF. I will also miss this ff so much. In anger maya come to Taneja mansion.

Hi Kiya thanks for the long update Loved it to the core Malk very bad that the ff is ended.

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At night all sitting for dinner usha feed Kunj forcefully. Leela come call everyone for lunch all come settled down.


Usha and nani playing Arsh. Veda 25th Jul – 8: Twinjsidminfan 22nd Jul – Old Fort Stockton was marked as a historic ruin, north of the town itself. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Usha sobbing so badly.

For centuries – no, millennia – these pitiful gifts had been brought here, by creatures with only the first glimmer of intelligence, as tribute to a marvel beyond their understanding. Twinkle make her kids malma. Kunj and Nani seeing them and laughing.

Kunj just living there just for namesake. Kunj come they both looking their kids peaceful face. But one day it had to end and it ended on a happy note and I am very happy.

Kunj and yuvi went back to Taneja mansion. Just than Kunj and yuvi come back from out. Kunj started kissing on her neck Twinkle shivers. Last comment of this FF??????????

Yuvi hold kunj hand and cut the cake and Kunj feed him and applied on his face. D mtlb mein confirm thi there would be something out of the world… Kunj come took Arsh from Anjali hand give to twinkle and lift Anjali place her on bed.

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