Hanuman leads the hungry kids to a field full of watermelons. Virad attacks Ram, Sita and Lakshman. Ravan decides to punish Ram for his deeds. Jayant regrets hid misdeed and apologises to Ram. Uttara and Brahma are also having sex repeatedly around the house, also unnoticed by the rest of the family members. Bharath and Janak decide to bring Ram back to Ayodhya. He tells her that she will be an inspiration for generations to come. Jatayu informs Ram about Ravan’s arrival at Panchavati.

Priya is a successful lawyer who is pregnant with Aditya’s child. Sita finds a kid wandering in the jungle. Hanuman crowns Sugriva as the king of Kishkindha. He tells Ram that he is repenting for his mistake. While, Rishi Vasishth informs Kaushalya and Sumitra that on Lakshman’s request, Nidradevi has given his share of sleep to Urmila, until he returns to Ayodhya. Uttara then travels to Tara’s hostel where Tara forgives her, but on the way back Uttara begins to have back cramps. The show later revolved around Brahmanand Jakhar, Uttara’s brother-in-law, and Uttara’s betrayal to her sister by marrying Brahma religiously. Supranakha heads towards the lake as well.

She gets suspicious when Surpanakha tells her that the lotuses die when she touches them. Bali follows Mayavi into a cave and asks Sugriva to wait outside until he returns. Bharath requests Ram to return to Ayodhya, but he refuses. Later, Hanuman asks Sugriva to convince Bali for his marriage with Roma. Sita asks Ram if she is a burden on him when Lakshman says that they need to be more careful now as they are traveling with a lady.

He apologises to Kaushalya. The show centered on the lives of four women from the same family: Hanuman crowns Sugriva as the king of Kishkindha. Join or Log Into Facebook. Surpanakha uses her power and transforms herself into Sita.


Uttara decides not to tell Tara, but decides on keeping her next child.

Ram tells Sita that his existence has no importance without her. Ram kills Ravan’s soldiers and saves the residents of Panchvati. Mandavi tells Kaikeyi that Bharath has decided to leave the Rajbhavan. He assures Ram of fulfilling his responsibilities as his representative. While Lakshman searches for Sita, Khara attacks Ram with his asuras. Jatayu wishes to stay with Ram, Sita and Lakshman.

Later, he epislde Sulochna for speaking against his family. Shatrughan feels dejected on realising Bharath’s fervent love for Ram. Later, Bharath gets emotional when Sumitra visits him to celebrate his birthday. After Brahma leaves on office business, Uttara begins to think about Brahma.

Surpanakha asks Ravan to avenge her insult by Ram.

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Surpanakha awakens Kumbhkaran with the help of the soldiers. Malyavan shares with Meghnad, his plan to take over Kishkinda. Daityaraj asks his men to attack Ram. After a while, the whole family, minus Tara finds out about the pregnancy and when Aditya finds out about her pregnancy and gets angry at Uttara for being pregnant maryafa his half-sibling, who is also to be Tara’s half-sibling. Supranakha makes sure that Ravan’s men do not launch an attack on Ram.

Meanwhile, Ravan asks Marich to disguise as a deer.

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Bharath asks Ram for his sandals. Aditya becomes the party leader of his political party which is a huge success. When Ram comes asking about Sita, Lakshman suggests Ram to socialize with the people of their community. Mandvi tells Bharath that she will spread the importance of educating girls in Ayodhya. Devyani then tries to warn Uttara of Brahma’s corrupt practices in office and his womanizing tendencies. Later, Jayant praises Sita’s beauty. Later, Roma requests Hanuman to get her father, Panash’s consent for her marriage with Sugriva.


Hanuman punishes Indradev’s son, Jayant, when he tries to attack him. Aditya values Brahma as God and the one thing Brahma fears is Aditya finding out his truth. Later, Lord Shiva tries to get him to realise his folly and scolds him for his misbehaviour.

However, Sugriva is shocked on hearing Bali’s screams. Ram carries Sita as she is unable to walk after injuring her foot.

Hanuman tells Panash of Roma and Sugriva’s love for each other. Ram kills Khara by using his powers. She is consoled by Devyani’s family, the Jakhars.

Sugriva tells Hanuman about Roma. Surpanakha asks Ram to marry her. Because of his evilness, Priya’s previous marriage breaks up on the wedding day. Sita comes across Surpanakha at the lake. Hanuman seeks Suryadev’s help for an answer to his dreams. To celebrate the New Year’s EveUttara hosts a party maryaea which she had planned for Brahma to reveal that the two would marry. Brahma then confronts Uttara on how she is going to Tara on the topic.

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