It does a great job balancing sappy events and swoon-worthy moments. Reply Korean Drama. You don’t have to take this seriously because it’s not as problematic as other dramas are. First Kiss Japanese Drama. P 24hrs is not nearlly enough for all the things I want to do. Panda and Hedgehog Korean Drama.

In case you wonder what the fuss is, you just cannot call an older family member by name, especially out of anger and not, say, in jest. Ooh, yes, and more please. I’ve always loved Lee Kyu Han in the judgemental stupid tryhard alpha male annoying roles. Laugh-out-loud crazy, out-of-this-world-chemistry and pour-your-heart-out-lovey-dovey. One Warm Word Korean Drama. I’m sorry but you’ve proven that you tend to Found this cute pic. I’m just curious that’s why I ask you.

I am so glad you are covering this! Kim Young-hoon is that man. Thanks for the recap JB! If you need anything related to Korean entertainment, just let me know: I’m also turning 20 this year.

Looking forward dramactazy the rest of the series! B No Boyfriend Since Birth Club, so all of my free time belongs only to me and with my current lifestyle, I’m pretty sure that I won’t have a boyfriend that will hinder my drama viewing in near future. Chills and thrills crawled in down to my spines and the effortless chemistry of the ass-kicking duo x me wish for a love-line. Goddess of Fire Korean Drama. If she were to have a change of heart, she could easily become the glue holding them together.


I know they’re there because I’ve seen them, but I don’t go to them so I don’t remember their names.

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The series was partially inspired by the US reality show Joe Millionaire. I obliged myself to watch cause i cramacrazy a YSH fan, and managed to finish each episode in two minutes, just to learn how to compose a good scenery shot, and did not find myself milliinaire out in anything story wise.

Win a Japanese Snack box today! But she got to college and was still fat and frumpy, and when she managed to improve her looks, she was busy studying and preparing for graduation.

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It proves that in chasing your dream, you should never give up no matter what. Sometimes we even forget we aren’t the same age. Yae no Sakura Japanese Drama. I wonder if the parents are doing some scheming together Please continue to recap the drama of your choice cause it’s always a good read even though I will only watch some of those recapped.

It will be interesting to see their chemistry during the upcoming press conference. My college schedule only allows me to watch one at a time, but this month I am daring to start 2 at the same time lol. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! There was a lot of shouting in this episode, and it wasn’t helped by the loud and frenetic soundtrack, but I’m hoping both fronts will calm down once the drama gets into it’s groove.


Operation Proposal Korean Drama.

If there isn’t, then hopefully those articles will be written soon since the drama has a millionajre date and it’s about time for the media blitz to begin. Yowakutemo Katemasu Japanese Drama. It was visually breathtaking yet incredibly boring. Anonymous June 28, at 8: The letters are case-sensitive Remember my account. We’re friends on FB already.

I watched this raw yesterday marryiny the trailers were so good, and have been stalking dramabeans to see if you guys would recap it. Story is tight, cast are wonderful and romance is engrossing. I’m also the one who posted a message about lee seug-gi and ha ji won’s upcoming drama and the one who’s looking forward to your jdrama list.

Angry Mom Korean Drama.

Chandz February 24, at 4: Boy from Wonderland Korean Movie. Cant wait for it!! Goong S Korean Drama.

I Will Fly to the Sky on a Wheelchair!

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