Good, atlast it is taking good turns, may be our previous comments helped. Manthana is a good serial. How many people will try to transform after watching this serial is a real question, but people with lot of principles will definitely like it. They will definitely give bad comment about this serial. After a very very long time, someone is doing a sensible serial. Having seen many of the suppose-to-be-big-rivers just to be shallow streams at the end, I mis-guaged Manthana also to be a shallow stream potrayed as a river.

Srithi looks like aged. It is really disgusting suchs erials are aired on TV, his only aim is to criticise and condemn people who are in power, who are respected. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Sethuram dialogue naturally in their own way. Those who condemn the serial may be as corrupt as Reddy in the serial and feel guilty to watch the serial. Avaru avarige sari anniso reeti nalli daaravahi tegitare.

It sets every one thinking about the situations the various characters are driven into. You are commenting using your WordPress. Great work done with this great service to Kannda culture Mr.

Request E-Tv guys to reschdudle it to 10pm. After a few episodes, it was one of my old friend who commented that the dialog in this serial is superb and thought provoking which actually prompted me to start watching epissode serial regularly.

But having gone down to swim inside it, I see Manthana more like a unimaginable ocean; Wide, deep, mysterious, marvelous, mannthana and relishing. I feel alive now.


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It is the TOP reason why serials get jiggled or end. Fill in your details below epidode click an icon to log in: I dont understand why they are closing the serial too soon? But in Manthana everything is perfect acting, dialogues…. Thanks Sethuraman for this wonderful serial. Congrats to the whle Mantana team for bring out such a good serial.

Now a days, its too much of complex language man! THere are very few viewers who give thier suggestions to the address given at end of teleserial and guess would not have caused its end. Sethuram and team for giving such a wonderful serial for kannadigas.

Manthana Episode 84

Nanu prekshaki ashte; e daaravahi madora parichaya nanagilla; nanagu e daaravahiya kelavu sanniveshagalu hidisalla. Every time it stimulates some part of my brain which was dead and needed some strong stimulus. Anyways a good serial. I too agree with Ravi. It says, the serial needs to be paused soemtimes to digest the lyrics and then unpause to continue!

One of the best ever serial in Kannada. I am a kannadiga, but never used to see serials because same shot will be shown three to four times from different angle and serials will be like some kind of a modeling show.

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This review starts with some intro…. I appreciate this effort. My father now watches this crappy serial everyday. Blog Statshits. Let me know what kind of serials you epispde


Manthana has been such a wonderful serial that I would like to hear its dialogues and watch it again and again. In few episodes recently it is ok but still let them deliver Mr.

No negative point is driving to its end. Everyone speaks like Sethuram.

I especially like the dialogues between Shruthi and her mother, though they sometimes sound bookish the way it is told. Thanx for the whole team for giving such a fantastic pgm.!!! It is really disgusting suchs erials are aired on TV, his only aim is to criticise and condemn people who are in power, who are respected. It was planned much long before, it was written that much itself. We all wait for this serial dialy. We guys are leaving late in the office and missing this Fantastic serial.

Mr Sethuram has outperformed everyother serial maker so far including TNS. Thanks to all the team members of manthana, a great show…. I see and learn new things every time I watch it. My emotions were never perturbed by TV media before I started watching this splendid serial Manthana.

Manthana is a very good serial. Hats off to the team!!!

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