First few episodes worth watching and then boring. Javed Mannu’s father 8 episodes, Shehrayar Zaidi Mannu’s mother 9 episodes, Lubna Aslam Manahil asks Jameel of his Guru’s number, to which he first shows reluctance but later on Manahil’s insistence that she will only message her, he gives Salahuddin’s number. There, she gives her homework to Salahuddin, and he scolds her for doing the questions wrong. Jeena consistently intervenes Salahuddin’s life, who keeps his distance and thinks of her as an employee and a friend only.

Salahuddin tries to move out of his friend’s house when he gets yelled at by Cookie to do his chores himself rather than from her servant Jameel and keep distance from Ifti. Later, Manahil’s father and her uncle reluctantly agree despite their reservations about Salahuddin. There, Manahil asks Salahuddin if he thinks she should marry Mikaeel, and he says yes and asks Mikaeel to take care of her. A mother of two will have the hardest time finding a second husband, coz ppl don’t want to care of other man’s child. Jeena can walk in Salahuddin’s home with food stuff. Salahuddin bids farewell to Rehman to meet Manahil. Salah-ul-Din mother ask Manahil to do house chores. There was a time when heroes maintained a respectable distance from their married former loves; that being said, Salahuddin and Mannu seem to be part of Naya Pakistan.

It looks like we don’t have a Synopsis for this title yet. Archived from the original on 7 October It also pointing towards a sensitive issue of rural areas.

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So Jameel exposes Jeena in front of Salahuddin and tells him what she said when he was talking to Manahil on the phone. In this serial that they promote or present some wrong act. When Manahil hears Salahuddin talking to her mother, she grabs his phone from him and, devastated by her situation, she informs her mother that Mikaeel has divorced her.

However, in the last two episodes, he has shown a distinct improvement, providing Salahuddin with much needed depth and intensity.

Mzyal obviously cannot help their feelings at times and yes love doesn’t always end as conveniently as we could wish.

Director Haseeb Hassan has not been able to elicit the controlled performances he did in serials like Nanhi and Dayar-e-Dil. Salah-ul-Din ask Jeena to go home before his parents arrival.


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Use the HTML below. Manahil’s parents find out about them and whole family dispute over whether Salahuddin is worthy of Manahil or not. Salauddin clearly said in the this week’s episode that he made a mistake by getting Mannu married to Meekail, and he is miserable after it.

Mamn there are complaints of plot loopholes and one dimensional characters, this started off as a very popular serial and still is.

Mann Mayal

Mannu living alone in such a big house with no Domestic support Hamza it’s about plot holes not have any link to western or eastern lifestyles. Jeena consistently intervenes Salahuddin’s life, who keeps his distance and thinks of her as an employee and a friend only.

It’s too much for a single writers to keep things coherent in a lengthy serial. Meanwhile, the chemistry between Manahil and Saluaddin, seen in the first few episodes, reignited in the final episode. Before leaving the house, Salahuddin goes to see Rehman srory finds him unconscious. Moreover, Salahuddin breaks his engagement from Jeena and propose Mannahil for after which Jeena and Mikeel join hands.

I think this stalemate in our dramas is due to the fact that with so many channels, the drama production manj become an industry. Retrieved 9 August Jameel asks Salahuddin for forgiveness and both develop a close friendship. Dragging on and on bores the audience. Retrieved 9 February Since Manahil fails her exams, her father asked Salahuddin to tutor her, both fall in love but Salahuddin refuses to marry Manahil due to their social-class.

Retrieved 31 August What part of eastern culture and more importantly Sharia allows a Man or woman to carry on a relationship after marriage? It seems that the show has confused the plot it was supposed to be built around.

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Mann mayal has disappointed us, had lot of expectations but the it turned out mxnn be boring play after 18 episodes. For consecutive seven weeks it was the highest rated drama series with ratings of 6. It is taking shine out of the main shory. Rabiya gets married and shifts to America with her husband. That should have been the main plot, his struggle to redemption by helping someone at the final juncture of their life.

I don’t watch dramas, but i watched this one upto the point where Hamza made fortune overnight and he start dealing with un-necessary issues of his employees like dropping ayesha to home.


Disheartened by Salahuddin decision, Jeena vows to take revenge from him. Rehman asks Jameel not to give any money to Salahuddin for his medicines. When a young Salahuddin Hamza Ali Abbasi first fell in love with Mannu Maya Alihe had neither the courage nor the confidence to ask for her hand in marriage.

While Mikaeel says to her to stop over-acting and go back in the house. It has to be one of the most stupid scripts When Salahuddin sees this, he gets mad at Mikaeel for not even letting her cry on her pain.

This drama was over hyped by Hum Tv because they were able to get Hamza in their play, but it did not live up to anyone’s expectations. Retrieved 25 January Retrieved 31 May Maya Ali has performed superbly. Jameel comforts Manahil by telling about his Guru’s instructions to solve her problems. I think, this drama is a guideline for the parents, teachers,boys and girls. Retrieved 20 April Salahuddin’s mother tells Manahil that he truly loves her and would give everything to keep them safe, feeling bad for what she said earlier she calls Salahuddin’s only to find out that she is at Jeena’s house.

When Salahudin finds out about Manahil, he regrets and decided to get her back. Team Mann Mayal has managed to produce a very slick product, easily digested by the masses.

Jeena and Allrounder Jameel When Salahuddin drops her back home, he says that he was wrong, and she can remember him anytime she wants. September 2, Amina Batool 0.

They live in a provincial town in Sindh. Salahuddin and Jameel take Rehman and rush to the hospital, while Ifti’s wife sees them and accuses Salahuddin for stealing their car and says that Rehman and Salahuddin are trying to wtory, so Ifti chases them and comes to know about the truth.

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