His breath was falling on her forehead and she was plastered into a locked embrace with his body. But right then his words were cut short when he slid his gaze all over her face and down her neck. Nandini says you will lose that day. In the small encased room, he looked odd, like an expensive wall paiting or a well defined potrait of a prince. He says his friendship will not be there, it ends today. Anyway,just tell me star plus forbid us from enjoying the family moment of ardhika. In the anxiety of his well being, she forgot about that. Radhika also confesses her love to Arjun.

Connecting and mirroring her stricken image as clear crystal in his brown ones. Before it had raced with veangenance. And right then Radhika knew. Shapath 30th august Watch Episode Dailymotion On the other hand, Sam is upset knowing Neil is leaving Birdsong and then Radhika tells her about Neil loves Sam a lot but he never told her. Men and their smugness, she thought and looked outside the glass window.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 31st August Episod He flinched and moved back. He was standing behind her, her back to his front plastered. She wipes his tears wugust kisses his forehead. Sam tells Arjun that Radhika has left him forever as she Radhika belives that he loves only Sam. The show is going to end in two days?. She says to say her decision to Arjun. He asks does he not deserve her pity.


He smiled down at revealing the even white row of teeth and Radhika swore manmadziyan her heart skipped several more beats.

And want to see how Arjun confess Radhika with using those 3 Magical Words. In last few months i enjoyed all our accompany.

Ira afroz 27th Aug – 4: He took a step forward again and she took a step back, struck dumb at his presence in her room. Radhika says you are wrong. Natasha 28th Aug – 5: Ah, the shower really drained all the tension accumulated in her body. He only grinned augsut shrugged his shoulders at her. Tere Shehar Mein 1st september Episode Watch They walked hand in hand together to where his car was parked.

Ira afroz 28th Aug – 7: On Aug 27, She was falling hard, free falling in slow motion painfully, pleasingly, romantically, physically, mentally, chemically, organically, deeply, heart warmingly, soulfully, deeper harder in love with him.

Sadness welling deep within her she stood frozen looking herself at the mirror. Radhika was mesmerised by it. May your life be blissfull….

She jerked back wugust rolled her eyes at the tinted glass window. That was the only place she found peace. I just check Telly Express. Men and their smugness, she thought and looked outside the glass window. I request the god not to end this yar. How r u all? She asks what do you want now.

Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan – 28 august 2015 – Full Episode

He then turned her around towards him. This gleaming spectacular view. It made you mine. She sees Nandini with her bag.


Manmarziyan 26th August Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

His piercing brown gaze slid all across her face then settling his soft gaze on her flowing one. Radhika flushed hot and blushed a deep crimson which made him chuckle and tighten his arms around her more, then his smile vanished and turned a shade intense his eyes.

Radhika asks what does she mean. Renu u were cool in dat cmnt like?? Sam sees Arjun and Radhika dancing. Uncaring if they saw her hear everything. Thena 28th Aug – 7: Neways Anu that was too good…. Her feet took her to a large open area.

But what was he doing here? Nandini says you are so innocent, Arjun did just one good work so you feel he is a nice man, when will you understand, Arjun will do what I say. Sam says dance, this girl is not right for you. Was it…she spun around, her head reeled at what she was looking or whom she was looking at with her mouth half hung open.

Arjun gave her a knowing side glance and she looked away instantly.

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