Despite the slight surprise wi It’s time again for that Monday tradition that hasn’t managed to happen on a Monday for at least a month – Shonen Showdown! ShinobisWill Active Member Messages: A recent leak has revealed that Naoshi Komi’s romcom manga, Nisekoi, will be getting a TV anime adaptation. Not to mention that the problem we’re seeing right now, as I already said, is nothing new that we haven’t seen. We already know what started the war, cycle of hatred, cruel world, blah blah. PikaCheeka , Jul 2,

RockSauron , Jul 3, BlazingInferno Forum Ninja Messages: Valvrave’s Saki Rukino gets her own spin-off manga May Stop trying to make a “big image” out of every fucking line in the series. And it was cool to see how Hashirama and Madara’s bond began to develop, and how mature and intelligent Tobirama was at a young age. May 20, Reputation:

My babies will star. Jun 13, Reputation: Hashirama, the creator narutl modern shinobi society and in turn the creator of the current cycle of hatred that has driven the entire manga thus far doesn’t deserve development? And this is why i normally avoid any Naruto Discussions.

I enjoyed this episode.

What do you want? How do you feel about war? After years he will finally do stuff not because he’s manipulated into it but from his own free will. That’s the whole point of the Hokage resurrection thing. The ninja at this point are wearing armor because in this point in history the shinobi culture wasn’t as removed from the samurai culture because shin obi culture alone was very young manfacan hadn’t developed to the point where it is now.


Sep 10, Reputation: The release of the first volume of this manga will be May 21st, bo With Nisioisin’s Medaka Box coming to a close this Saturday, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that any tangentially related media would be ending as well.

I just couldn’t help but think back to 62 when I saw this chapter. Hahahaha look at them Naruto fanboys trying to justify the crappiness of this chapter. I always like the philosophy in Naruto.

Naruto Chapter – Page 12

Eiichiro Oda is sick! If he wants to show what molded him, how about not the same bitchy whiny type of kid that grows more and mroe villain-y until he gets here? Better to aim for “protago To a world without a lie and to know each other, Madara has dream that since a little.

Dec 18, Reputation: Well, this is an interesting week. Great stuff, keep it coming. Gotta be the most disappointing flashback ever. Luck Land Communications is at it again with their line of Jojo baby apparels!

Ain’t that the truth. Regarding the part where Kishi omitted some characters for the war, I guess Kisame, Konan, and Shisui Dpisode were part of that list.

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Rock the Charts for the week of May 31st May Shonen Showdown Apr Nisioisin’s Medaka Box might be ending Apr We get it, stop trying to send the same message for the th time in the lamest way possible. Welcome to the forums! RIP Itama, we barely knew thee Ponyo 10th Anniversary “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” 8. On and on and narjto All the “deep” crap post-war is a rephrase of an older situation without any background among explosions and zombies and other random shit that don’t make sense. Ep stream Eposode Links.


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Del Toro will be co-writing the series with Steven Thompson, the latter of which ha And you epiode not trolling because you come up with the most original line of defense: Addy itachi is everywhere!!!

I don’t understand you’re first complaint is that kishimoto shouldn’t be episodde time to develop characters and your second is that he should’ve been doing so from the start of the war Why are you so desparete to learn about Hashirama?

Hunter x Hunter, One

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