Sagar imagines as Krishna feeding him and gets happy. Recent Post by Page. Ganga wish them farewell and helps them get on a truck. Madhvi wishes whatever he said comes true. Did he meet her? But whatever happened is good. They will always be together.

Madhu and Bittu bring Ria to police station..! Pulkit aplogises to her breaks her fast. Madhu says u dunno.. Madhvi says her anger is justified, he did such thing. Tv3 Ghana telenovelas TV Channel. He was also smiling. Maybe everything will be fine now. He seems happy after so long and her happiness is in his happiness.

He is shocked realizing MB is inside. He tried a lot, but she was not ready to listen to him. Sections of this page. Madhvi wishes whatever he said comes true.

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She was doing puja for Karwa Chauth. Supriya is not eating anything and waiting for Pulkit. Madhvi asks how he knows that? Ganga says in her mind, why destiny keeps bringing them together. Krishna picks up and jumps in joy. Sagar says in his mind, till how long she will keep stopping herself. She tries to leave from there with Krishna, but gets dizzy and falls. He says he should be giving her gift.


He leans on bed and heaars someone crying. Pulkit says they will talk, but for now, asks her to go home and eat something. Supriya feels angry and leaves.

No matter how much she hides, he knows it now. Madhvi madhubsla her anger is justified, he did such thing. Ganga sits and Krishna feeds her.

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Krishna decides to buy gifts for both Ganga and Sagar. She cries his name for help.

He was also smiling. Wizards of GH Telenovelas Movie. She likes her young, naughty doll. Maybe everything will be fine now.

He thanks lord saying he got a new hope. Nattasha calls from behind and says again he will die today. Shiv gets a call from villager who tells him to go towards highway.

RK saves Madhu from the fire

Sagar wants to eat something now. She fasts every year, right? Ammaji and Madhvi are going for shopping. Krishna brings Sagar to Ganga. Ganga sees everyone looking at them. They will meet tomorrow. She saw Sagar happy after so long and if he thinks everything will be fine, then it will be a good idea to buy gold in Diwali and give it to Ganga.

Meanwhile, sagar continues to frantically search for pulkit. Shakti gets more afraid and runs out of room. He will now bring Ganga and Krishna to his home and give them all that they deserve. Ria fumes on them.! Meanwhile, Ganga looks around and finds everyone performing the ritual with their husband. Ganga is thinking about Sagar.


Pulkit aplogises to her breaks her fast. Why they elisode getting tested. The screen freezes on her face. This is the only way to bring Ganga and Krishna back home.

RK is finding MB. She says she will die today. Madhu is relieved seeing RK and hugs him.! The episode begins with Mehul perfecting the shot. Despite trying so hard, result is not in her favour. He is nothing to them. Even Rajbeer comes there. Niranjan tells him to go and talk to Supriya instead giving explanations to him.

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