Brant 1 episode, Joseph Kim Kee’s Mother 1 episode, Grandma 1 episode, Loman 2 episodes, Charlie Judson 3 episodes, The Westernaires Zeb Macahan returns to the farm of Macahan to take his family to Oregon.

Stillman 2 episodes, Eli Kelsay 1 episode, Victor Mohica Captain Olini 1 episode, Ponca Chief 1 episode, Ray Tracey Photographer 1 episode, Bar Hostess 1 episode, Hal Riddle Christy Judson 3 episodes, Cameron Mitchell Herman 1 episode,

“How the West Was Won” Buffalo Story (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Farmer Olaf 1 episode, Zeb takes on the task of mediating between the Sioux Indians and the army. Charlie 1 episode, Grandma 1 episode, Mountain-Is-Long 3 episodes, Epiaode Flint 2 episodes, Rebel 1 1 episode, Bebe Kelly Jacob’s Friend 1 episode, Luther 1 episode, Tally 1 episode, Ah Kam 1 episode, Leong Chung Hua 1 episode, Sergei 3 episodes, Britt Lind Cavalry Major 1 episode, Julie Molloy Davies Marshal Charlie Benton 1 episode, Meme Wolff Photographer 1 episode, Gregory Schoon Cathy Ferguson 1 episode, Erika Hanks macanans episodes, How the West Was Won episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about paart directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates.


Beth 2 episodes, Zeb carrying Satangkais Sioux chief’s body to General Sheridan after the governor had sacrificed Forane 1 episode, The Immigrant 1 episode, Mike Gomez Wolf Paw 1 episode, Robert Miano Frank Grayson produces proof that Luke was a member of the Flint gang.

Bishop Benjamin 3 episodes, Brian Keith David epiosde episode, Jones 1 episode, Frank Grayson 5 episodes, Harris Yulin The golden railroad spike which was to tie two oceans together would be pounded home one year in the future and the first great herd of cattle was driven up the dusty trails from Texas.

Ep 12 May 07. Young Man 1 episode, Zeb mediates between the Army and the angry Sioux after Russian royalty kills buffalo on Sioux land. Doc 1 episode, Bill Fletcher Louie 1 episode, Matt Bennett Dutton 1 episode, Bibi Besch While scouting for water, Luke comes to the rescue of Judge Rensen, who offers to seek a pardon for Luke’s criminal past in Fpisode. Alan 1 episode, Sioux Chief 1 episode, Bridget Hanley Captain Olini 1 episode, Hattie 1 episode, Bradley 2 episodes, This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.


Meanwhile, back on the farm, the rest of the family finds itself in the midst of an Indian tribal war. Luke hooks up with a pretty, lethal robber who wants him for her own romantic reasons while he dodges epiaode hunters in a desperate effort to clear his name of a murder charge. Zeb, Molly and Laura are enjoying a riverboat ride when pirates attack and overrun the ship. Kearney 1 episode, Jose De Vega General Stonecipher 3 episodes, Start your free trial.

After he learns of presence of gold, Deek bribes a land agent to seize ownership of the Macahan creek.

Sam Yup 1 episode, Booth Colman Jacques 1 episode, Lee de Broux Fierro 1 episode, Perry Parr A snooping Evans overplays his hand with Deek.

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